Victoria rays webcam. Webcam stockings. Dad, these boys are nudists.
Their families sunbathe and bathe only naked, “Lena hastened to explain to her father.
Yes, for God’s sake, and here – on this beach, what are they doing? “- the father did not let up in an indignant voice looking at the boys from head to toe with a strict look.
Petya, stop pestering the boys.

Guys, sit down here, I’ll make you sandwiches now, ”suggested Lena’s mother.
The boys sat on the sand, and Lena and Tanya sat down on the lying fabric bed for sunbathing.

Lena’s mother quickly prepared sausage sandwiches and handed out to the company, which with appetite began to devour them.
When everyone was full, the boys thanked Lena’s mother and said that it was time for them to sail back.
The girls expressed a desire to walk with them along the beach to a rocky protruding cape.
His father was outraged, but his mother stopped him.
The children went to the sea.
Everyone was silent.
Today was such a great day, – Tanya thoughtfully broke the silence.
I also liked it.
Boys, and you will sail to us tomorrow?

And if you want we will take you tomorrow.
Will we have a day of Neptune? – Vasya asked slyly smiling. Spycast webcam studio. I can not swim so much.
I’m afraid, – answered Lena. And we will take an air mattress and transfer it to our part of the beach on it, – Igor picked up the idea, slightly lagging behind his friends. very old granny webcam Good-bye, girls, – Shredded Tolik, sailing away following Vasya Bye Tolik.
And there it is necessary to sunbathe bare? – Tanya asked hesitantly, turning to Igor.
This is not necessary, but it will just be more convenient for you.
Think about it.
Tomorrow morning we will be waiting for you here, – Igor shouted, entering the water after the floating friends.
Lenka, such cool boys.
I want to float with them, – full of happiness, Tanya cried when Igor sailed a fair distance.
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