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Drops ran down his chin, spanked on his chest, flowed down his stomach, flowing into the folds of an open blouse.
Vika-Vika! You have to drink everything, otherwise, how can you go to your place.
I’m still enthusiastically continuing to suck the softer member, trying not to miss a single gram of delicacy, raised my head: What about me? Oleg grinned: Today you are late at work.

You must be obedient and follow all my orders.
And I want to caress you, to give you bliss, until you pray that I take you rudely and mercilessly, as you love.
But before that, you will have to patiently endure everything I want to do with you – gently and kindly.
Where am I going to go? – I mumbled, feeling how all the new droplets moisten the panties, which are soaked so that at least squeeze.
I barely waited for 6 hours.
The nipples were already aching, staying in tension for so much time, and the new panties got wet again.

And Oleg, who came to our office a couple of times, just smiled, not knowing that he came a little closer to me, I would have raped him.
But the last employee left the office, and Oleg appeared at once.
With a conspiratorial wink, he turned the key.
I was already near and with a moan clung to his body.
My hands felt his ass, and his lips kissed a hole in the neck in an open collar.
I am ready for you, ”I whispered incoherently,“ I was wet all this time.
But Oleg took my wrists in the palm of his hand, kissed them alternately and spread them apart.
Not so fast, my princess! But why? I felt how tense everything in your pants was! No, I forbid you to touch myself.
Until! In the hands of Oleg appeared white shawl.
He came to my back and tied a handkerchief in his eyes.
At the same time, he whispered: Remember, you should do only one thing, I will say and tolerate everything that I want to do with your body.
I understood, understood, I gave up, my thoughts and emotions, my body was completely in his power, and although I wanted to pounce on the man standing next to him, to break it, but I must be submissive to his will.

The shawl was very tight, and I did not see anything, even lowering my eyes.
Therefore, when Oleg began to unbutton his blouse, I rather guessed about it.
Now he will see me again with a bare chest! I tried to stand still, although my impatience grew – Oleg unbuttoned the buttons slowly, slowly exposing my flesh.
And just as slowly, he pulled the transparent cups off the boobs.
Then Oleg lightly massaged his nipples, from which my whole body vibrated.
However, submissive to the man’s will, I only clenched my fists, obediently enduring the sweet, almost intolerable torture that this man subjected me.
I see your nipples have not lost their hardness.
Yes, – I groaned, – you still do not know what kind of moisture I spread between my legs.
We will check it too, but for now we’ll do it the way you like, ”said Oleg, and, holding his nipples, he pulled them hard.
I barely stood on his feet, a little more and I would have collapsed in his arms.
But remembering that for the time being I should not touch the male body, I simply leaned back.

Inside, I was all klohtalo, my face under the handkerchief was simply burning, and my body was bending towards the stiff fingers, squeezing nipples.
SO do you like it? Oh yeah!!! Do it again! Not yet! Cruel bastard and did not think to respond to my request.
However, he took up another – took off all my clothes, except for panties.
Sometimes he touched my body, and it responded with a shiver, releasing new trickles into her panties.
I thought that Oleg, as the first time, will check how wet and ready I am to him, but he extended my torment, putting me across the table so that my head hung from one edge, and my ass hung over the other.
Until I was given a new indication, I spread my hips invitingly.
What a lovely wet spot my queen – I felt the touch of my panties on male fingers.
Involuntarily, I jerked my hips to feel their thirsty pussy, let them through the fabric.
But Oleg removed his hand, from which I groaned in disappointment, and asked: Do you like when you are tearing your panties?

I did not even have time to do anything, like, hrrr — my poor panties were torn off with one jerk.
Now my moist pussy didn’t hide anything; moreover, I was fully disclosed to Oleg, there were no secrets in me.
Delight rose in me – a man sees me in the most intimate form, sees that I am fully ready for him and thirst for him.
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