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Rather, where were the places not occupied by previously drunk friends.
Since Cyril was lying down near the battery, not showing signs of life, Lisa suggested Zoya to lie with her in the still free nursery.
There was an ottoman Tolik and a folding sofa.

Although both were pretty drunk, it was possible to spread and lay the sofa without waking the boy, who was already a sweet singer.
Zoe was a little sick.
– Liza, will I take a shower? And then in the morning I will die.
– Wait, I’ll give you my nightie, not wearing clothes to sleep! Yes, and you can not lie naked, suddenly Tolka wakes up earlier! She giggled drunkenly, – In, the show will be.
-The spectacle will be when I got into your night sleep! – Zoe began to make out laughter.
Lisa was four feet eight, and weighed over ninety, which was pretty much larger than her friend.
“Everything is better than nothing,” Lisa waved her hand, “go, I’ll bring it all.”
Fortunately, the bath was empty, no one went to sleep in it.

But missed.
Standing under the hot, whipping jets, Zoe stroked the body, so yearned for caress.
One other brave imagination flashed through his brain.
The right hand went through the pubis, not stopping, delaying the moment, allowing fantasies to appear brighter.
Breathing increased.
Men in her visions seized her and singly and in a cop, humiliating and idolizing, but alcohol dulled the emotions and all the pictures were dull, faded.
The fingers were already dragging on the clitoris, sometimes diving into the depths of the vagina, my left hand crumpling the chest, but it was not possible to reach the top.
All dissatisfaction, all anger, have melted in the insult, and Zoya, dropping to the bottom of the bath, burst into tears.
The girl pressed against him with all her naked body, forcing him to move in the same rhythm.
A beautiful pale face, sweat on the upper lip, a gentle smile, piercing eyes.
Kiss and music breaks off.
Sharp cold.
Roman sat heavily in bed.
He glanced at his watch — almost five.

You can try to sleep, but anxiety is already lurking in my chest.
Street lighting made its way through the blind curtain.
It is necessary to draw, but the body is naughty, wadded.
The guy whispered in a whisper, angry with himself, the fifth floor, and some kind of childish fear of a nightmare.
Irritably, he threw back the blanket and put his feet on the floor.
His mistress did not wake up, only slurred something vaguely through a dream.
A thought flashed through my head that I had invited Katya to my place for nothing.
Roma went to the window and, slightly frozen, looked out – an empty night yard, everything was as usual.
Exhaling, he turned around and barely restrained a cry.
On the bed lay his stranger.
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