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By the age of sixty, he had acquired a small tummy, but on the whole he was quite fresh, pleasantly fragrant Lakosta and cheerfully rode in front of me.
– There will be few guests, only proven, reliable people.
We tried to company was.

He carefully looked at me, looking in my eyes for approval of such a competent approach.
I shrugged indifferently.
We came to Ivanov more from boredom than from the desire of a diverse society.
And in spite of the fact that they assured that we had not yet seen this, I was more than clearly presenting the prospects for this evening.
Surely there will be a sea of ​​drinking and maybe even exotic and terribly, terribly forbidden weed in such circles.
The guests will be drunk, they will smoke, and when the clock strikes the time set according to plan, an easy and awkward groupie will be arranged.
With the obligatory preview of porn, otherwise half of the audience simply will not rise.

Following us came the couple, which Madelena introduced us as people of art.
A 45-year-old man, “well, a very prominent writer,” in crumpled corduroy pants and a leather vest, worn over the same corduroy shirt, and a bohemian-looking creature about 10 years younger, short-haired a-la recruit wrapped in multi-layered silks.
The blue black bangs hung over such fucking eyes that one couldn’t even be explained – the poetess.
“Arnold,” the man introduced himself.
“Vasilisa,” her companion coyly coaxed.
She was thin, wiry, and compared to the hostess, she made a strange almost comic contrast.
Yeah, the audience is really for all tastes, I thought, seeing new guests – a bald sturdy guy about 25 years old in all black, in the inevitable black leather jacket and with gold around her neck, and a young breeze with a reliable secretary.
For a suburban trip, she extracted a Tatu-style skirt and white golfs from her girl wardrobe.

There was no bra under a thin lace blouse.
Her plump lips were associated exclusively with a blowjob, and not a single thought lingered in her eyes.
A wonderful creature.
Sitting on the knees of her boyfriend, she with childlike spontaneity demonstrated to those around her that there were no panties on her either.
Her carefully shaved pussy was decorated with an intricately plucked dyed hair heart.
Olesya and Sasha, not embarrassed by those present, immediately began to lick and eventually merged into a deep long kiss.
The boy’s hand shamelessly lifted his girlfriend’s short skirt.
He shook her pubis and slapped her bare thigh and pushed her to the table.
-I want a drink for the first guests! – Madeleine raised a glass of champagne and circled us all, drained it to the bottom.
Her example was followed by us.
-Well we fuck with them? – I asked my husband.
-No, talk about the art of talking.
Where have we come then? -How where?

On a visit: -That’s it.
And for guests, for particularly dull, the format was immediately negotiated.
There will be sex, all and with all, shy, please leave the room in advance.
-Yeah, what if I leave? – So I will stay, should someone tell you about what was going on here.
Madelena came up to us again.
Her husband apparently liked her so much that she could not go anywhere, could not get past us.
At this time, hugging him around the waist, she playfully asked.
What wine do you like, white or red? “Red,” said her husband.
-Ohhh: red wine is the lot of understanding men: – and the hand of the hostess, descending from her husband’s waist, lay on his ass.
She squeezed his buttocks slightly and added in a low chest voice – I also love red: And she left, slightly swaying with her vigorous wide hips.
– Are you scared? – I whispered to her husband.
– That you understood, the woman in the juice.
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