Mature women on webcam. Solo webcam hd. I was exhausted already, but there was no way to stop it all.
The key was still hanging out of reach, and no one could say for sure how long it would last.
Gradually, I plunged into a strange state, into some kind of prostration.
Orgasms arose one after another, very often, but were quite calibrated, light.

Sweat flooded my eyes, and I tried to wipe it on the pillow.
How much time had passed, I understood quite vaguely, maybe an hour, and maybe three.
Only sometimes I cast a blurred look at the key.
Nothing in this world is forever.
In the end, my sweet torture is over.
And I noticed it not immediately.
Looking up once again, I realized that the key is not there.
When he fell, I did not notice, maybe some time has passed.
Well, this is not so important.
For a moment, I even had the idea that the key fell somewhere in an inaccessible place, I even managed to get scared.
But no, the key lay exactly where he was supposed to fall, right next to me.

When I took the key in my hands and began to try to unbutton the handcuffs, it became clear that my hands were trembling and it wasn’t easy to open the locks.
But everything turned out, although not the first attempt.
As soon as my hands were free, I straightened with pleasure, stretched out and lay on my back.
As it turns out, my back is tired! Nevertheless, the gag in the mouth, tied legs, the butt plug and the vibrator are minor inconveniences, compared to fixing for several hours in a “cancer” pose.
org) A few minutes later I got rid of other personal belongings.
The jaw was well-numbed and the loin was slightly sore, there were no more unpleasant consequences.
Nipples have long been ill, so no problem.
The only thing I felt terribly tired, just broken.
There were no emotions, or rather they simply had no strength left.
I took a bath with fragrant foam and with pleasure settled into it, closing my eyes.

I took a bath for a long time, maybe even a little nap.
After the bath, I went to bed and prodryhla until the morning of resurrection.
That’s the whole story.
I have repeatedly engaged in all sorts of games with limited mobility.
I recommend to anyone who has not tried, at least once to experience it.
I guarantee new bright impressions, especially if you like rudeness and submission.
But even if you are indifferent to such games, try anyway, you will not regret)
On this I spent men and taxis, we kindly said goodbye.
I did not see them again, and the girls said that they had never met such ebirs.
Pros, what can I say.
– Yes, they really fuck like horses – she commented on our visitors when they left Nadia – they all namili me too, the holes were stretched, so the pussy does not close.
And the sperm seems to flow to this day, although I was under the pressure.
“That’s for sure,” Olka confirmed. “Now, Dim, we won’t give you two days, let everything drag on, or else we will have vagina like cows.”
– So soon we will mate with the bulls? – Nadia joked, asking me.
– No, bestiality is not my topic – I replied – and generally you have abortions next week, so probably we won’t have sex yet, only if you are oral.
– Will you lick my stinky pussy? – clarified Olka – I like it.
– Me too – I replied with a smile, attracting the girl to me and feeling her hairy coat – yes, you really have a vagina like a Donkey after these trakhareas.

“Exactly,” Olka agreed.
After five days, Lech was taking my women for an abortion to an elite private clinic.
Although they faced an unpleasant procedure, our mood was excellent.
I paid the girls a good bonus for their work, plus a million for an abortion.
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