Wip teens webcam. Webcam teen library. He was still sitting as if he did not move, but this time, when he saw that I had raised my head, he smiled at me, and involuntarily I smiled back at him too.
Wow, he has a beautiful smile, I didn’t even notice it before, and that he was staring at me, I already wanted to make a remark to him, but then the bell rang, I was startled by surprise.
The class boomed like a hornet’s nest, I wanted to hold my ears from the noise, someone shouted, someone already got a textbook on the head, everyone was fussing.
On the table began to grow a pack of notebooks with essays.

This was my last lesson, I did not want to take notebooks home and thought that now I would calmly check the task, the class quickly became empty.
I wiped the board and when I put down the cloth, I felt the look again, this time I asked without turning around.

“Why don’t you go home Oleg,” and turning to him, she added, “haven’t you finished yet?” Although I’ve mislead here, I saw how he put his notebook on my desk, and I could not believe that he hadn’t written an essay, he usually finished first, but you had to ask something.
He got up, shrugged, opened the diplomat and slowly put a pen in it, and then answered.
– I wanted to help you bring the notebooks, – and after a short silence, he added, – if you are not against Natalya Gennadyevna.
I was a little surprised, walked over to my desk, looked at a solid stack of notebooks, thought, and maybe go home right.
– Are you on the way? I asked calmly.
“Yes,” he replied immediately, “I live through the store.”
In my head, something turned like a store, there were a lot of them, but is it important?

I asked to wait for me, folded my notebooks and after dressing I went home.
Oleg walked in silence, I tried to pull him out of the conversation, but nothing worked out, he answered only when I specifically asked him something.
Reaching the doorway, I thanked him, took the bag with notebooks and turned to the door.
Opening the door to the staircase, I again felt that same look on me, it just penetrated me leaving some discomfort in my soul.
I did not turn around, but simply closed the door behind me, and only after that I was able to calmly sigh.
When the priestess of Taliriya left the landlord’s house, dusk was already gathering.
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