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He grabbed his waist, dug his lips into tight nipples.
He pressed her body to him.
And completed the job.

What was the strength, pecked her pussy, until she finally changed her cries with a long, languid moan.

In the following seconds, already exhausted, I inserted it as deep as I could, and emptied the sperm into its depths.
After the orgasm, we continued to lie still for a while, puffing like two locomotives.
Then she settled next to me.
Drowned pussy in river water, washed away the sperm flowing.
I pulled a bra, panties.
Holding hands, we stomped to the side of the car.
I missed it ahead.
He lowered his gaze to her swaying berries and felt the end of it filled with desire.
When we approached the car, from the inside came the drawn-out feminine screams and men’s moans.
So, Sasha has not finished yet.
Leroy and I exchanged embarrassed smiles and thought about what to do next.
Indeed, what else could we do while our friends were fucking like rabbits! Suddenly they had some sort of castling change in the cabin: a couple fell out on the front seats.

A friend of my friend clutched her hands on the seats, behind the wheel, trying to find support while he, clasping her waist and hips, continued to shake in lustful convulsions in an uncomfortable position.
Looking at her, I realized that the guys did not even bother to take off their clothes before proceeding to the matter: the girl was still in a bathing suit, her breasts fell out of the cups, and unshaven pubes were visible from the drawn panties.
In her navel, I noticed a brilliant piercing.
She fell on the armrest between the front seats and, stimulating her own nipples with the tips of her fingers, tried to end soon.
Sasha hung over her.
His face was visible: not for long.
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