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From the bliss that engulfed her, Elena even closed her eyes.
“Byron Don’s Don Juan,” Caroline replied.
A strange obsession suddenly disappeared somewhere.

Elena startled and looked around in confusion – when did they have time to be in the bedroom? Caroline, still in negligee, lay carelessly on the bed.
What is going on here? On the back ran an unpleasant chill.
Elena backed toward the door.
What a coincidence, love Byron.
And “Don Juan” in particular.
Damon was sitting in a chair, the towel slipped obscenely low.
And looked straight at her.
Look, how in the movie killer freaks usually give their potential victims.
The heart has accelerated the rhythm, palms instantly become sticky with fear.
You know, I have to go home.
It was nice meeting you, Damon, but it’s too late.
Elena took another small step towards the door, with a sixth sense realizing that she absolutely must run.
Whom did Caroline drag into the house? And where is the sheriff? Elena, where are you? After all, we were going to prepare for a seminar on literature! Hot lesbian cam.