Astarta69 bongacams. Rt bongacams 2. He stretched his legs, his penis fell off and hung to the side, heavily crushing a relaxed scrotum.
His hands are still tied to the headboard, and therefore he remains completely helplessly open, though happily relaxed.
I understand that I will end up without hands, if I sit here like this and admire it.
I rise, unfasten his wrists and ask him to roll over on his stomach.

Tired of the pleasures of the lamp and the bright light, it heavily turns over the muscular, slightly elongated body of a swimmer.
I put in front of him a little pad.
“Stand on your knees,” I command him, “now put your shoulders and chin on the pillow!” Take your hands over the edge at the head.
Maybe you fasten again? “Nah, don’t,” he replies, taking the indicated posture.
I still stand to the side.
– Well look.
I’ll put a cylindrical object in your back hole.
Pretty deep.
First you can feel a burning sensation, maybe it will even hurt.
Do not worry, just be patient.
Try to relax your ass.
As soon as you succeed, the pain will pass.
Agreed? – M-mm.
– I again raise the tripod with a curtain, I go behind the screen and quickly take off the thin canvas surgical pants, soaked with my sex juice.
I take my dick stiff from anticipation and walk behind my languishing patient.

Oooh, heavenly inhabitants, have you created this amazing creature that has been revealed to me! In my eyes it is getting dark, and I flap my face into a crevice slightly damp from old fun.
My tongue goes where two boyish, elastic buns touch at a sharp angle, and slides in search of a hollow.
The palms gently stretch His buttocks and at that moment, when the tip of the tongue stumbles upon a cherished wrinkle, the fingers automatically fix the place and gently press on the edges, which makes it cherished, opens.
(No need to frown, my inquisitive reader! Better try a boyish ass yourself! Or, hmm, take a piece of fresh butter, give it the same seductive shape, and pierce the hole with a 3-day leaf of young ficus – and lick it, explore it with your tongue !)
And again, like a bumblebee.
I quickly grease the member with petroleum jelly and, having attached it to the hole, with one push I easily push in a third of the length.
– Ahhhhhhhhhh! – Be patient, relax your ass, relax.
– I condemn and roughly take one of the low-hanging testicles.
(Right, I guess – I like to play with the right testicle!) This instantly switches his attention, and the boy again dismisses the sphincter.
Using this, I drive the member even deeper – Ahhh.

Those who had in the ass, know that the most buzz comes when a deeply pounded member is slowly pulled out (ohhhoblehhhche-ioeniiiieeee), and again treacherously driven in, not listening to pleas and moans, and then again they take out immediately, so that tears stand in the eyes .
Blow — relief, blow, convulsion — and again relief.
Oh! – ahhh, oh! – aaaaaaa.
And more and more quickly he rubs deep inside the boy, and he disappeared day and night, and the couch in the clinic.
Only a boy remained, his shamelessly opened ass and fucking her hefty bouncy insatiable my dick, which then drills, then hews, then freezes, preparing a new, unexpected, deadly, intolerable, terrible in unpredictable unknown and therefore such a sweet attack, which the Almighties on Olympus they gave us only one experience — our backmost place.
– Ahhhh !!
Astarta69 bongacams.