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– And how did you decide? – I asked, passing the second hand across the chest of the client.
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How are you? – Mmm.

It sounds tempting, – I lightly touched his fingers, which began to increase, in the size of the member, – Anji! Get down, let’s go to the table.
Anji smiled and jumped off the client’s lap.
We went with her to the coffee table, I put her hands on her shoulders and sat on the table.
Then she walked over to her side and, gently pushing against her shoulders, laid her back on the table.
Anji lifted her legs up and I began to stroke her ass and hips.
The men looked hard at us and their members became harder and bigger.
I took a tube of Vaseline, squeezed a little on my fingers and sat in front of Anji’s ass.
I gently smeared her little ring, took another petroleum jelly and put a finger in Anji’s ass, smearing it from the inside.

From this spectacle, the devices of our clients were already in full readiness and the one that fucked me, got up from the chair and approached us.
I got up and parted the plump buttocks of Anji, opening him her seductive hole.
Anji spread her legs apart and wrapped her arms around them.
I watched, biting my lower lip, as the resilient member of the client slowly stretches Anji’s hole and sinks into it.
Anji was moaning, and with one hand I was pushing her buttocks apart, and the other was caressing the client’s testicles.
The second client went to the other side of the table and his cock touched Anji’s lips.
She stuck out her tongue and playfully touched him with the tip of his penis.
The client moaned and Anji began to tongue out his resilient member.
She quickly quickly touched him with the tip of the tongue, then froze and began to slowly hold her tongue along it.
The client moaned, closing his eyes from pleasure.
Anzhi jaws wrapped her head around and started moving to the beat of the second member walking in her ass.

In the meantime, I caressed the testicles and then a member of one client, then another, stroking Anji’s ass, thighs, pushing her buttocks, looking like a little client in her little fool dives to its full length.
Her little ring tightly tight him and I saw how it complements it, squeezing the muscles of his anus, from which the client simply growled from excitement.
So they processed Anji from two sides for about fifteen minutes, and she was lying on the table, with her legs up, willingly taking their members.
Then the client, fucking her in her mouth, pulled his penis out of her lips and pulled me to his arm.
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