Thick mature webcam. webcam girls alinn1 video When the tears subsided, leaving her exhausted, but calmed down, she gathered sandy silt into her palms and began to rub her skin with frenzy, as if trying to wash off all the memories of the outrages that she had to endure.
She is strong, she can, let her have to sell herself to survive, but she will not allow anyone else to take her against her will! Never! Having washed, the girl once again dived into the cool waters of the pond, thanks to him for this cleansing.
Her soul was reborn, a goal reappeared in life.
She is not alone – she has something to fight for – brothers, sister, her foal.

Remembering the foal, instantly brought her back to reality.
The sun is almost up! He probably already woke up a long time and wants to eat! How long has she been gone? In a hurry, with difficulty overcoming the resistance of the water, she wandered to the shore.
Wet hair floated in heavy veil over the water, wetting his wet back and thighs.
Reaching out at last, she grabbed a shirt from a pile of rags and, unbending, thinly screamed in surprise.

Above her, on the edge of a low cliff, stood Radovan and gazed at her without stopping.
Her first impulse was to cover herself, but his eyes, though burning with the fire of desire, were not threatening.
As if capturing her with this gaze, he would not let her move, gazing at her, taking her very essence.
He greedily absorbed the luster of her green eyes, the silkiness of wet hair, light, slightly golden skin, the beauty of tender, small breasts with pink nipples, the roundness of her thighs and abdomen with reddish hair down, long, strong legs.
Alessia stood, unable to walk, letting herself look at her, feeling her cheeks light up like a flush.
She felt safe now, that he would not harm her, but she internally shook with anxious foreboding — as if her fate was being decided here and now, and that she would be inseparably dependent on this man with cruel eyes.
Her lips quivered, as if she wanted to say something, or ask for something.
But he suddenly turned away sharply, and without honoring her with a word or a look, he left.

The spell was asleep.
The girl quickly pulled on her clothes and ran to the camp.
He was nowhere to be seen, only in the distance she thought she saw a black horse galloping.
The foal was already jumping from impatience and loudly squeaking its “iii-iiii” when she ran to her cart.
Having fed him, she sat down on the edge of the wagon, inspecting the awakening camp without fear.
The groom said that Lord Rado would call in today, and she was just waiting for him.
She felt different.
In spite of the captivity.
Something irrevocably changed in her this morning.
For good or not, she had yet to understand.
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