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Ridiculous such, with closed eyes.
Alexei member almost fell, and she continued to lick and suck.
Alexey looked at me as I masturbate and said to Ole: please do it for me.

And he showed a gesture to give her mouth.
I was slightly taken aback, but excitement at this moment suggested to hurry, while no one changed my mind.
I leaned my cock to her lips and she understood everything.
She is slow.
trying on swallowing it.
She managed to take it almost entirely in her mouth.
She sucked it slowly, as if trying to taste.
I then remembered the multiplication table and complex equations.
I was thinking about everything except the sex that I had at that moment.
I was very nice.
It was so nice that I had to finish in the first 10 seconds.
I pulled time as I could.
I did not want it to end.
I opened my eyes (probably I was too pleased with the mug at that moment) and looked at Alexey.
He watched without stopping as a member enters and leaves the mouth of his beloved wife.
It took quite a bit of time, and his member was already standing.

Rather, the cudgel was huge and probably strong.
Now it was my turn to make a proposal for a non-standard continuation of the massage.
I gestured for him to enter it.
He winked and climbed on top of her.
He lifted her ass a bit and entered.
Olya moaned and stopped for a while.
She painfully squeezed my penis.
I was afraid she would bite him off.
Olya remembered that in her mouth a member and with a vengeful force sucked him.
I could not bear it any longer.
I started to cum, and she swallowed him deeper.
My legs cramped together.
It was something.
Her husband fucked her, she moaned and licked me.
Probably this moment I waited a long time.
It was so unusual and at the same time unreal.
Olya licked me a member.
She did not leave a drop.
I stroked her head, as if thanks.
Away to the side, see how it happens.
I watched him change his rhythm, his wife moaned.
I was standing so close that I heard this chomping sound.
I wanted to see how this cudgel goes into such a small hole, also at such a pace.
I probably was quite impudent, but I gestured for them to switch places.

Judging by the look, Alexey was a little surprised at such a request, but he raised his wife and lay on his back.
And her, with a blindfold, put in a pose rider.
Now I, at their feet, could see him pushing her onto his cudgel.
Her little hole no longer seemed so small, like Cooney.
From it flowed.
It was evident that sex brings her unearthly pleasure.
I stroked her ass.
Stroked her breasts.
I discreetly did what I wanted.
My dick was already from such a spectacle.
I was over-excited again.
I stroked her ass.
For some reason I stroked his eggs.
By the way, this is a very unusual feeling.
Pat someone else’s eggs.
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