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Having folded their guns, the “masters” left the arena.
– And these, unfasten, wash, feed, give painkillers.
So that in two hours everyone ran! – Yes, “Master”, we will do everything.

An elderly woman recovered from a cold shower.
Two hours later, the “Masters” returned to the arena, their slaves were already standing along the fence waiting for their “Masters”.
Attaching the leashes to the collars of slaves and slaves, the “masters” dispersed in “contests.”
The owner led his naked mother to several “masters.”
“Competition” was that the nipples of two slaves were connected by chains, and then, the weights were hung on the chains.
She won a slave who endured pain, longer rival.
“Competition” was, for survival.
There had to be only one woman left.
This time, at stake, the Master put the money.
Four pairs of female slaves stood opposite each other and the “competition” began.
Opposite to slaves, there was the same old woman, as well as she, only she looked younger.
There are fewer wrinkles on the skin, the breasts are still not completely loose, a strong, well-groomed body, but, what really infuriated the old woman, is the collar and bracelets trimmed with blue velvet.
The old woman noticed how she was writhing in pain when clamps were hung on their nipples.
The “competition” has begun and the “leader” has hung the first loads on chains.
Forty minutes later, the old woman screamed and, rattling weights, knelt, her rival, unconscious, lay in the arena. Free live squirt cams. Hassle free cash flow investing david campbell.