Live webcam queen victoria. webcam companion not working At that time, when this story occurred, I was 17 years old, and I was a student of the 11th grade.
Study was easy, there was not much money, but enough to live.
Being veiled was also average, but nobody noticed my main dignity until the 10th grade.
When being a year younger I deprived of virginity a couple of girls from school, the news about how good I was in bed quickly spread throughout our entire array, and after a couple of months I no longer had to seek sex, he went to me.

But oddly enough, I soon got tired of it all.
It would seem, how can sex annoy a 17-year-old boyfriend? But I’m not tired of sex itself, but the monotony with which everything happened.
Deep down, I knew that I wanted debauchery, I want dirty sex, complete obedience.
But those who came to my house after the school disco were maximum capable of a timid blowjob.
As a result, my mood worsened, and once at school I lost my temper and had a bad fight with our class teacher.

She was a little over thirty years old, but she looked very attractive.
Something she looked like a teacher of pornography, but she did not have glasses.
So, having told her something offensive, slamming the door, I left the classroom.
My heart was nasty and I sat down on a bench and just looked around, thinking about the situation.
And then her daughter passed by.
She studied in the tenth grade, but her body was fully formed.
Excellent chest combined with an appetizing ass, which both wanted to grab and not let go.
And on the face she was quite pretty.
But just having sex with her wouldn’t suit me.
I wanted to take revenge on our classroom and deprive her bitch daughter of virginity right in her house, on her own bed.
Just the other day a regular school disco was to take place.
The case remained for small.
As always, before the disco, I put myself in order, combed my hair, poked around with desicks where I needed to, and went hunting.

Once at the disco, I immediately began to look for this slut.
I didn’t have to search for a long time; she stood in the center of the hall and, with her eyes closed, erotically squirmed under some kind of popsnya, bursting out of the old wheezing columns.
Having waited for her to step aside, in order to breathe, I approached her and began the conversation: Hi, Alena.
Hello, – at first she did not recognize me, but when she did, she was pleasantly surprised.
You do not want to take a walk, – I decided not to exaggerate, but immediately got down to business.
Come on, she took me by the hand and led me out of the assembly hall.
Alena thought that I would take her to the toilet now, and was surprised when we went outside.
It was a warm May evening and he was supposed to be the best in my life.
I already knew that she had no one at home, because her father was a truck driver and left for two weeks, and her mother kept order at the school during the disco.

So we had at least two hours of free time.
Do you have anyone at home right now? ”I asked, grinning inwardly.
No, ”she answered in a little hesitation, and in her eyes the fire of lust was already burning.
I hugged her, at the same time grabbing her ass, and we headed towards her house.
Everything was like clockwork.
Not having time to cross the threshold, we began to kiss passionately.
In general, this is not in my style, but for the sake of such an occasion I could not resist.
She herself took me to the parent’s bedroom and fell into a large double bed, inviting me.
Thrusting my hand under the sweater, I began to knead her excellent breasts, and when I ran my hand into the panties, it was just oh.
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