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All love literature is held on the fact that a man wants a woman, and his chosen one does not agree, or, on the contrary, a woman dreams of this particular man, and he does not pay attention to her.

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What about children? Yes, just women will be fertilized with sperm from a genetic bank and the State will pay well for their pregnancy and the birth of children.
Behind these fantasies, Sasha almost couldn’t hear the lieutenant, who, being a man of concrete actions, was accustomed to pronounce his thoughts out loud: “Pay attention, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, at all times a man sought to command someone, to subjugate others.
In ancient states commanded slaves.
Gentlemen fucked by all means not only slaves, but also male slaves.
And the slaves were glad of this, as a sign of the attention of the master.
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It was very prestigious for a young man to expose his ass to a bearded warrior or city official.

Thin, boyish figure served as an ideal of beauty.
About the love of prominent elderly people to young men, the Greeks were not ashamed to write.
They believed that male homosexuality serves the highest goals and motivates the young to serve the community.
Such a connection was considered not shameful, but romantic.
So it was in ancient Greece, and in other countries.
Christianity condemned these homosexuals, but had nothing against violence against slaves.
In the Middle Ages, peasants and city dwellers became the subject of violence of knights.
A knight could, in front of her husband, lift up the hem of a peasant woman and fuck her for his own pleasure.
And the husband rejoiced in the attention of the lord to his wife or daughter.
A Russian bar-gentlemen, enlightened culture carriers, which contained whole harems of serf girls.
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