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The story of recent sex, of course, was not forgotten, but gradually faded into the background.
The farther, the more Zhenka hoped that this episode in life would remain the only unpleasant memory of the service.
Unfortunately, Senior Lieutenant Denisov gradually formed a different opinion.

Women still did not want to deal with him, and the male nature demanded his own.
He fastened as much as he could, but with each new day of abstinence, he increasingly recalled the soft buttocks of the fighter and the sensation of the head overcoming the sphincter.
He lasted almost two weeks, but then, after drinking too much, he broke loose: – Nikitin! – I! – Eugene raised his head from the statute guard duty.
– After rebound come to me.
There is one task for you.
– There is! – already not so bravo answered Zhenya.
The rest of the evening he drove away his suspicions.

Well, he can not.
Well, once drunk.
But not the same.
Maybe the truth is some kind of task.
The release was surprisingly peaceful and fast.
The lieutenant, contrary to habit, did not find fault with those who did not have time to shut up rustles and squeaks.
Zhenka lay down for half an hour, supposedly waiting for everyone to fall asleep, but in fact delaying an unpleasant moment.
Denisov, not waiting for him, left the office of his bedroom himself, walked along the beds, slowed his pace near Zhenya, and looked sternly at him.
Zhenka jumped up, rushed to get dressed, but the lieutenant shook his head, turned and went to his room.
Zhenka in his shorts hurried after him.
– Get down.
– closing the door, Denisov nodded at the table cleared of papers.
– What for? – Why why.
Then! Get down talking! What are you breaking !? Denisov felt that he was doing something wrong, was angry and was winding himself up even more.
– I do not want! – Eugene objected weakly, retreating from the approaching lieutenant.

Denisov overtook him at that same table, roughly pushed his nose into the tabletop, pressed his hand to it, while the other one pulled off his pants and painfully squeezed the scrotum in his hand: – Do not twitch! Zhenya sobbed and stopped the resistance.
Denisov, like the last time, thoroughly smeared his ass, putting his fingers deeply, after which Zhenka felt again how the sphincter stretches his thick cock.
The lieutenant concentrated snuffling from behind and without haste, painfully clutching the guy’s buttocks.
Zhenka tried to relax the anus as much as possible, listening to the movement of the penis within himself and passionately wanting the lieutenant to quickly end and release him.
Suddenly a member left the gut and, contrary to Zhenkin’s expectations, did not return.
Is it all? – he was surprised.
– And I did not notice how he ended! – Turn over! – He heard, realizing that nothing was over.
Denisov helped him to lie on the table with his back, pulled up to the edge and threw his legs over his shoulders, planted so that Zhenka sighed.
– Oh, that’s even better! – Denisov vigorously dug the guy in the ass, pressing his thigh to the stomach – Just like a woman!

Zhenka groaned under sharp jolts, feeling only how a hard rod pierced him and missed the moment when the lieutenant sperm was in his rectum.
Just lieutenant pulled out a member and tiredly sank into a chair.
– Well done, fighter! – He praised him.
– If you give me, you will have no service, but honey.
It’s not hard for you to lie down for five minutes, huh? Zhenya was silent, slipping from the table.
Fucked him by no means five minutes, but all fifteen.
Besides the ass was ill again.
What is this, will he fight me like this all year? – thought Zhenya, tossing and turning in his bed.
– Not-ee, nafig such a service.
Maybe escape? To desert? No, they will still get caught, I am not adapted to life on the run.
Caught, planted.
or on diesel.
and there is such a contingent that Muradov rests.
And what will mother do? Zhenka twisted around yet, but he didn’t think of anything, except the next time he could tell the company that he was thinking about all this and fight to the last.

All these intentions remained so intentions.
A day later, when Denisov again called him to himself, Zhenya, poning slightly, was again on the table with his legs tucked up, taking a hard dick in the ass.
However, some changes nevertheless were – the lieutenant soon sat down on a chair, forcing Zhenka to independently fall on the sticking stake and voluntarily bounce on it.
– Eh, Nikitin.
– he sighed enough.
– you would have more boobs to jump.
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