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The work came to an end when Semyon and his sons asked the neighbors to help with the construction.
The owner of the house, along with his eldest son and son-in-law, spent the whole day in the gardens, leaving the house in the care of his women and the younger son-schoolboy.

First of all, Vanya and Kolya appreciated the female continent at home with an experienced eye, and were quite pleased.
First of all, their attention was attracted by the owner’s daughter, 23-year-old donut Zaynab.
A large, lively girl, in her years, had already managed to get married and divorce after a short marriage.
Strict Zaire, the wife of the eldest son of the owner impressed with regular features and a slender figure.
Not paid attention to the guys and the hostess of the house.
Madina was a little over forty, she was married very young and her husband was much older than her.
She walked “closed” in a dark hijab, but even a strict dress could not hide her wonderful forms.
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“It looks like our hammers will have a job here,” Brother Vanya winked.
– “There is enough work here,” Madina did not understand humor.
– “You just try, you can work even at night.”
“We are ready to work both day and night on such machines,” barely suppressing laughter, supported Brother Kolya. massive breasts webcam White label webcam.