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“Put in your mouth!” I rinsed my dick and took the head in my mouth, it began to grow.
“Suck! And soap eggs.”
I began to suck and caress my soaped eggs.

Involuntarily, I admired this size, admired and felt my insignificance.
A huge dick fully gained its size and the tension, I felt his pulse.
It was unusual to feel the suppleness of the skin on the hard trunk of the penis.
She walked back and forth easily in my palms.
The thickness of the member was such that I could not hold it with the fingers of one hand, only half was enough.
I had to clasp him with two palms and jerk him while the head was pleasing my mouth.
He finished.
God, how richly he finished !!!!

And this after literally 2 hours ago, he just filled me up.
This man’s potency was just some kind of nuclear !!!! I was delighted and defeated.
I was not even surprised at how fast I broke down and did not even break, it is too much said that I did not resist at all and slavishly obeyed everything that was happening.
Maybe hypnosis? But I never seemed to be exposed.
Although probably just did not come across))).
I am 29 years old, I am an athlete with well-developed muscles, in the distant past of the CCM in boxing.
I never noticed the blueness behind me: here: I enjoyed such a member !!!! After he had finished with my efforts, I washed his cock and put it into shorts.
The teacher fastened the collar and pulled into the classroom.
So began my training.
The class had a lot of textbooks.

There were artificial vaginas, rubber female dolls, all kinds of toys created to humiliate a man and to please a Woman.
As I studied, I began to realize that this club was created for Women and their sexual needs.
What I am just a tool for getting woman pleasure.
That I am a toy in Her hands.
Gutless Slave.
I am obliged to do everything, absolutely everything that she orders.
They can choose me for a week and take for example to the dacha and be there a servant and a toy in the company and I am obliged to fulfill every whim and wish of the Lady.
If a woman enters the room, I have to drop everything, crawl up to her and, as a greeting, kiss her in the clit, and if she wants to start to please her immediately.
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