Hijab webcam. Webcam model 18. Eleanor was no longer breathing, she was moaning.
Without ceasing to suck the clitoris, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her.
Releasing the clitoris, I dropped face down and licked the hole of her ass.
She instinctively shrank and squeezed out a drop of white, thick liquid.

I realized that this is my sperm and lick it.
Licking a couple of times and feeling that the hole became softer, I pressed on it with the tip of the tongue.
She, yielding, opened, letting in my tongue.
I stuck him to the greatest length and caressed her insides.
Without ceasing to work with your fingers in Eleanor’s vagina, and stroking the clitoris, I put my lips to my ass and sucked all the sperm out of her.
As soon as I came back and tried to lick the clit, the woman finished again.
And again I tried to extend her orgasm.
Now it was my turn to enjoy it.
Having risen and looking into the eyes of a woman, full of happy satisfaction, I lifted her legs, and, putting her shoes in thin heels to my shoulders, I drove my dick into her thirsty bosom of love.

Eggs hit the surface of the sofa.
Holding her hips in black stockings, I felt the exciting smoothness of nylon.
I started at first slowly, and then faster and deeper into it.
I fucked her without stopping for about five minutes.
I growled like a beast, I tormented her, and she turned into an obedient lamb, succumbed.
Turning the woman over, I put her on the sofa with “cancer” and again roughly entered into her.
And again he began frantically biting into her crotch.
Eleanor, leaning her breasts in the back of the couch, spread her ass hands and I, without hesitation, drove a member there.
There was still a lot of sperm, and a member easily moved in a wagging ass.
The woman lightly slapped herself on the buttock, and I was already brutal, very hit her palm on the other side of the ass.
She happily wriggled, and I, realizing that she liked it, began to peel her on the pope and thighs, under her loud demands “More, more!” Realizing that I wanted to finish, I said this to Eleanor, and, coming out of her, I began to masturbate while standing.

As she turned to face me, I began to lower.
The first two streams fell on the chest and face of a woman, and the rest landed in her mouth wide open.
I shouted loudly and jerked off ending.
And she swallowed a member, sucked the remnants of sperm.
I flopped on the sofa.
With a detached look, I watched as a smiling woman smeared a thick white liquid on her nipples that flowed down her breasts.
She leaned over to me, hugging and kissing, whispered: – I never would have thought that you were such a beast in bed.
You are cool! They knocked on the door and, without waiting for an answer, Zhenya and Alexey entered.
– How are you? – Looking at us, embraced and sweaty, with a contented smile on his face, Alex asked.
– I see, they didn’t waste time in vain.
– We are fine? Give us a drink.
I hope you felt good too, ”Eleanor asked her husband.
Zhenya and Alexey rather smiled.
Zhenya put shorts on me and collected my other things.

We drank alcohol poured into us by Alexey, and, after dressing and arranging breakfast tomorrow together, without having resolved the details for a long time, we left Zhenya in our room.
Already lying in bed and feeling that Zhenya could not fall asleep either, I asked: “Have you been well loved?” – Yes, how to tell you.
I did not understand what was happening to me since we saw them.
Even though he is old, I immediately wanted him badly.
He is so gentle, attentive, affectionate in bed.
Though not such a stallion as you, I probably had to raise a member for an hour, but I still liked the way he fucked me.
I hope you are not mad.
I love only you.
I will refuse him tomorrow if I pester him.
I do not want you to be offended.
– I did not think to be offended.
– By the way, he gave me another three hundred dollars.
Said on sexy lingerie.
You do not mind, so I bought myself panties and stockings, well, there all sorts of suspenders and more?

What color do you like more? – Eleanor, as I understand, also loves this.
No, do not mind.
– Are you really not offended? – It’s ok.
– I pulled her close, and we quickly fell asleep.
– Get up, Sony! “Going into our room the next day, and waking us up, Eleanor sat on the bed.
– So vacation wake up.
– Added Alexey.
– How much is already? – One o’clock.
– Wow! – I pulled Zhenka to me.
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