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An hour ago, this young girl brought me coffee and obeyed, and now, with the appearance of a prison warder, she humiliated me and undressed me.
So I see, like that did not steal.
Then she looked at her feet, rubbed her shoe on the floor and boldly looked at me.

Before leaving, wash the floor for me, I want my new office to be clean! But I do not want to do this.
– I said in a humiliated voice.
Do you want to stay without calculation? I will make it so that you still owe our bank.
You know all this, it’s very easy to do! Nodding my head in agreement, I silently began to dress.
No, my dear! You will do it in the nude! You do not want me to dismiss you for an article, for example.
Or attributed to you the expense that you sold all the property will not pay?

– fatefully flew out of my mouth.
She brought a rag and a bucket of water.
I began to crawl on all fours like a slave, with a rag in my hands and a bare ass.
At that time, she settled on her new chair now, put her legs on the table, and began to call her friends, chuckling gaily.
Suddenly, a young cashier entered the office, carrying as usual a stack of papers for a weekly report.
She froze in perplexity and almost hid the pile of documents.
Ahhh! Alexander Nikolaevich? Why are you naked, and even in this position? Come on Cach! Now call him just a schmuck! The cashier Katya lowered her graceful glasses and stepped over me.
By the way, Kate, I am now the head of the department.
Oh, great Elizaveta Viktorovna! And why are you with him? – Pointing at me.
This slave wanted to steal secret information imagine ?!

Lisa but this is not true! – I objected.
She gracefully got up from the chair, wagging her ass came to me.
With two hands, she took my cheeks and bent down.
You are now no one here! Now I decide everything! You are a finished schmuck, scum, I can smudge your life on this floor, I can deprive you of everything and put it in that form around the world.
You dirty bitch, you will call me Mistress at my sight! You will fall on your knees and beg for mercy, bitch! I’ll cut your balls and throw it away.
in the trash, and then in front of your little bitch bride, I will put a strapon in your ass and otymeyu like a whore!
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