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She bulged her ass and slightly spread her legs, so that it was easier for me to penetrate her.
Her pussy has already started to flow.
With two fingers dipped in her juices, I penetrated the anus pussy at the same time and began to lightly introduce and remove them, without stopping to kiss her breasts.

Kate began to breathe excitedly.
– Sweet! I have a request for you! -What? – I feel uncomfortable talking about it.
– Do not be shy.
“Kiss me, please, down there like last time.”
“I didn’t stop her holes with my fingers, and therefore I felt a release of lubricant and both holes cut from desire.”
– Of course my girl! – Yasbrosil from her shoulders bathrobe laid on the sofa, which stood in the kitchen.
Katya spread her knees and I, kneeling, approached Kay to her pretty pussy.
She was almost ready, and so from my caresses she literally finished in a couple of minutes.
– How are you doing me nice!

Let me caress you now too.
– I sat on the couch.
Katyusha knelt down and began to kiss and suck my dick.
A couple of minutes later she looked up and asked – Honey, you first, where do you want me to be a mole or in the ass? – What do you want? – Come first in the ass.
– She rose from her knees and leaned on the table, putting me her delicious back.
– Just please be more gentle with my ass.
– After the shower, we settled down on the couch.
She clung to me, putting her hand on the penis.
– I feel so good with you! – Girls! I like you very much, but remember that I don’t intend to marry you.
Yes, and you yourself will meet a good guy and love him.
And now we just give each other pleasure.
It is only necessary to stop in time, while your senses turned into love, so as not to cause another pain.
– I understand it all.
I just waited all week for your caresses to repeat.
I even wanted to come to you just to hold on to him.
– Katyusha slightly squeezed a member.
– He is so beautiful!

Simultaneously hard and gentle.
I want to caress him.
You do not mind? – Of course not.
-Katyusha slid down.
She spread my legs and lay there, taking my cock in my mouth.
– And what about our photos that we processed in Photoshop? – Then tell, do not bother me enjoy.
– It went on for about ten minutes.
Then Katya obnyala me by the hips and, not letting the penis out of her mouth, began to roll over on her back, pulling me with her hands.
When I was on top, Katyusha began to pull up and down my hips.
In fact, I started to mouth her.
From a strong agitation, I finished pretty quickly.
Katya, when she felt that I was finishing, hugged me and literally sucked the sperm.
When we came to our senses and calmed down, he said – I now began to understand when I heard adult women say that they turn off from arousal and desire.
I enjoy your caresses and your dick so much that everything else is no longer important.

Your hands and lips are so tender that I am always ready to substitute my whole body for them.
And I fell in love with your dick.
I really enjoy watching him get excited when you look at me.
I first see, and then I feel how strongly you are.
Your whole body trembles with passion for me and it excites me even more.
He comes to me as a master.
It moves gently at first, and then more and more.
And when you, with a moan of passion, end a hot seed, shoot inside me, then this is generally the height of bliss! I sat inside the bus pavilion.
From time to time the tires of cars passing by rustled and it was audible how people passed by.
Suddenly, the lungs sounded close and Katyusha entered the pavilion.
– Hello!
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