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After a few seconds, the woman’s rectum was literally torn and she no longer understood which cell of her disfigured body hurts more and which one less.
The cry escaped from it by itself, as a reaction to the impossibility of such an existence.
But he was immediately cut short by a member of Charles, who rammed her tormented throat.

Ron stared in amazement at a 6-7 centimeter deep red hole in their “slave” ass and at a five centimeters clogged in her anus a stopper holding his urine there.
He thought that this woman was a gift of fate for them.
With her, they learned so much about the possibilities of the female body! Carried out so many crazy fantasies! Got incredible impressions of insanely perverted sex with her! And now – now.
Ron, with bated breath, watched as the boss, pulling back the clitoris being forced by pliers, slowly pierces it with thin needles.
Karl felt at the same time, as the larynx of the fucking female squeezed convulsively, clasping its member even more tightly.

The flow of semen rushed through the corridor of the larynx Natalia, but she was again almost unconscious.
The end of the second part.
To be continued.
Alla hastily walked along the underpass, trying to pull up a short skirt below.
The clock showed eleven (she stayed away, wanted to leave at eight, and left only at ten), and she was uncomfortable.
She never loved this transition, it was dark and dark here.
All the kiosks were already closed, of course, but in some back room the lights were on.
She was somehow scared, and she tried to go as quietly as possible, not to knock her heels, but to go as quickly as possible.
But when she passed this back room, the door opened wide, and a tall dark-haired young man appeared on the threshold.
Hey, beautiful, slow down! He said with a smirk.
Alla lowered her head and went even faster.
To speak! – he repeated louder.

She did not stop.
He rushed after her and grabbed her by the shoulders.
What are you doing? – She exclaimed and escaped.
He firmly grabbed her by the long flowing hair and pulled.
She screamed in pain.
He let her go and, without another word, hit her on the cheek.
Allyn’s head twitched, and tears came to her eyes.
When the good guys call, you have to rush to them, especially a bitch like you! He said slowly, bringing his face close to Allin.
She looked at him in horror and muttered: Well, what are you, really? I have to go home.
This utility room will be your home until morning, ”he cackled.
He pushed her toward the closet.
She lost her balance and staggered.
Go inside, he ordered.
She silently backed away from him, retreating to the opposite wall.
Inside, I said, he said ominously.
She did not move.
He went up to her and slapped her again, and then hit his chest hard with his fist.
She could not keep her feet and fell.

He lifted her, grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her into the back room and went in behind her.
Inside it was crowded, a single light was on, there was a table and a chair.
There was a ragged mattress on the wet, dirty floor.
On the table were a lamp and an empty cup.
She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.
“It’s probably just a joke,” she assured herself, “now he will let me go.”
But the cheek, on which he hit her twice, was burning, and she thought wistfully that a bruise from such a blow would appear on her chest.
And then she heard that he locked the door.
She pressed her back against the wall, but the closet was so small that only three small steps shared it with him.
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