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Once, speaking about sex, I was refused.
“I thought you were different!” And you like all only one thing in mind.
Be patient before the wedding, a bad tradition.

And now, my now wife, so desired lies in front of me with legs apart.
– When did she manage to take off her panties? I thought, but it was not up to it.
I began to feverishly take off my clothes, but neatly folding them.
– Leave them! This was her unusual request.
She asked me to wear stockings under the pants for the wedding.
I agreed, however, I probably agreed with everything with it.
At first, I was afraid that anyone would notice the wide elastic band of the stocking with a little pull-off pants, or would he be interested in my weird socks? White, with some pattern just like the bride stockings.
– I will have the same! This is not so similar to the rest of the wedding!

So romantic! You and me! Great? Having undressed and remained in one stockings, as well as my bride, I approached a bed.
My cock was a stake.
– Wait a minute! Give me a rest! Spoke Ira.
As soon as I tried to lean on top.
– And generally speaking! You are now my husband and therefore must kiss me everywhere, not just on the lips.
So start.
Tell me a compliment and kiss.
Start with your toes.
Taking off my shoes from Ira, I started kissing her fingers through stockings.
– You have the most beautiful legs! I will always love them! So covering the legs with kisses, I finally reached the cave.
– See how wet she is! Lick her! I want her to be clean! I began to lick her legs and crack from the discharge.
At this time, Ira’s mobile phone rang.
– Yes! Of course! Everything is fine! Raising my head, I wanted to know who thought of calling the wedding night? But Irochka pressed my head to her cave with one hand, letting me know that I was not distracted.

After talking, she lit a cigarette.
Suddenly I noticed a camera flash from behind.
Turning my head, I saw Ira’s ex-boyfriend.
Immediately another flash struck me.
– Photo of the month will be! Pronounced, it seems, his name was Edward.
– The bride smokes, and her fiance licks her, so the whole face is wet! – What do you need here? Get out! – Your bride invited me! Say, Er? – Come on, gallon, sit in a corner, look for now.
Then, I promise, we will have sex with you! I wanted to run away and cry, but Ira promised! Meanwhile, she began to suck Edick’s dick, already undressed and lay down on the bed.
She did it with such passionate moans, almost like in the movies, that she involuntarily wanted to watch more and more! My hand involuntarily dick in hand, and I began to masturbate.
Meanwhile, Ira, looking at me and smiling, approached me.
– Gallop! Help to unzip the back of the dress?

And she turned her back on me.
Groping for the lock, I pulled it down, undoing the snake.
– You have my honey! You want me to be good? Edik! Where are you doing my panties? – In a jacket pocket.
Go already! – Now! I also need to take care of her husband? !! Ira took off her dress, remained in stockings and long gloves to the elbows.
Taking out his panties from Edik’s jacket.
She handed them to me.
– Put them on! I do not want you to jerk off and cum quickly.
I still need you! And for the first time she kissed me on the lips.
It felt a little foreign flavor, probably from a member of Edik.
But then my little Ira kissed me! Wearing white lace panties, which tightly pressed my penis to the groin, I could only watch, hoping that they would finish quickly.
Ira sat on top, handing Edik’s cock in her ass, began to ride on it.
My cock was ready to explode without hands, but they continued and continued.

Changing poses one by one.
He finished in her when she lay on her back, with her legs up and spreading apart.
After lying for five minutes, Ira called me.
– Well, come on now you, darling! Show the class! Taking off her panties, I leaned on top.
Everything was very wet and I easily inserted a member into her pussy.
But having made a couple of frictions on the force, I began to finish.
– I knew it! I did not have time to climb, he immediately got dirty and to the side.
Lick you much better at it! Show Edik that at least you can do it! The sperm tasted like it was spicy, but I tried, and it was visible on my face, stained with it.
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