Mom anal hidden cam. Sexy cam milf. I again spread her legs wider and suddenly bang! A lacy piece of cloth peeped out of her slit’s genital slit.
I took it and slowly pulled her mother’s panties out of her slits.
“Hah,” I grinned, throwing my wet underpants in my palm.
“I guess you had fun.”

To make sure that there is nothing else in her hole, I opened it slightly.
I didn’t have to especially stretch, her cunt was plowed up and slightly tied up with a sour smell.
I stuck a pair of fingers into a wet hole.
Mother twitched again and her hand lay on her stomach.
Inside there was nothing else.
Then I turned her over on her side to unbutton her bra and my gaze.
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I have long imagined myself in sex as a girl.
It always seemed to me that a girl gets more pleasure than a man.
Till 20 years old I was a regular guy.

I met with girls, had sex, everything is just like that of people.
And after I began to visit strange thoughts.
At first I wanted to suck cock.
Moreover, the men did not attract me at all.
But, at the thought that I kneel and suck someone’s member – I was just bursting with lust.
Then I began to study my own body further and decided to try to fuck myself in the ass.
It was just magical.
I have never received such an orgasm with any of my girls as I did when fucking my ass.
But time passed, and I wanted something more than a rubber penis, carrots and cucumbers.
Like that, we rested with a friend, sat, drank and smoked a hookah.
And, by the way, I have long worn women’s panties and thought about myself only in the feminine gender.
Of course, I have not yet decided on hormonal preparations, but in my heart I was a 100% girl.

A girl who passionately wanted to be impaled on someone’s hot, hot cock.
And here we are sitting with a friend, word for word, he says, it would be nice to go for the girls too.
I agree, I say yes, it would be great, I am going to throw out a can of beer, since mine ended.
After going to the fridge and leaning over for a new can.
As a matter of fact, it all started with this.
He suddenly saw that I was wearing women’s panties.
And he said to me: – Misha, why are you dressed up in women’s underwear? I, taken aback, blushed deeply.
He is: “So what are you, of these?” I did not answer.
He again: – Come on, you do not hesitate, you can tell me everything.
And its smell.
God, I love his smell so much.
If they blindfold me and let me into the room with other men, driven by the smell, I can easily recognize mine.
It smells like a noble abmer, predled in a Buddhist monastery before the evening prayer, giving a state close to nirvana.
when I inhale the scent of his hair, or in the corners of the neck, behind the ear, he treats me like aromatherapy for depression and stress caused by my baseless anxieties and feelings, inspired by the lonely night wind.
You are so Beautiful! I just wanted to remember this moment.
Sorry if you made you feel awkward.
– he whispered in my ear, while kissing every millimeter of one of my most sensitive parts of the neck – I missed you so much !!! You can’t even imagine what I went through to overcome my longing for you.
Having buried my face in his neck, I was silent and listened to the confession of my man, words and emotions were overwhelming him now.
And he opened, which usually rarely happens at all with men.
But in these moments, it seemed to me there was no one around, just me and him.

But it did not last long.
Someone from the assistants called him.
They needed to know his opinion about the installed light.
I looked at him again as close as he stood, released him from the arms to the others.
into a comprehensive chaos of preparation for the show.
Whispering to him that I would be in the women’s room on the second floor, I retired in a certain direction.
I had to bring at least my hair in order, t.
all these reporta, photographers, here now pounce on us with their predatory views and sharp questions.
After 5 minutes, someone knocked on the door.
I asked who, and heard his voice.
I opened the door.
Indeed, it was he, burning in his eyes like a vampire with sharpened fangs into my tender, soft female body.
He entered and closed the door on the latch.
Less than a minute, he passionately attacked me with his kisses, not allowing me to speak.
His face was burning, there was some moisture on his back.
He pressed me against the wall and then I felt that he was excited.
It seemed his cock poured blood faster than I could rebuild thoughts in my head.

His hands pressed tight, he slid over my back, buttocks, squeezing them with sharp movements, he made it clear that he wanted me here and now.
Without thinking, he stuck his hand under my dress, feeling for my wet and exhausted place.
Two fingers slid easily into the narrow and warm inside.
I groaned with bliss, every time I touched my vagina with his naughty and moving fingers.
Just crazy – 30 minutes before the show !!! But the time to turn back was too late.
He threw off his jacket, pulled off his wet T-shirt and put my hands on his chest rarely covered with dark hairs.
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