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When the changes were over, we had a vacation, I was left alone at home.
And you know how a girl wanted to stroke herself a bit.

The doll lay on the bed, her eyes seemed to shine, then I looked at them and they lit up with light, like in the eyes of the devil, I fell into some kind of stupor, I vaguely remember myself that time.
But from that time I got into some kind of addiction.
I clearly remember that moment and those feelings – the doll ruled my mind, she even seemed to read all my deepest desires, fears.
I jumped up and ran away to the kitchen, when I returned the doll was sitting in the same place, but there was something in it that scared me to the depths of my soul.
I didn’t dare to tell my mom and dad about it later, it was as if everything had seemed to me.
My sister and I went to bed, and now I was seized with a strong desire to take the doll, I took it, and at that moment I felt, she was alive, with fear lying on her side, I hugged her.

Then I seemed drunk with air, flew away, I felt so good as I never had, neither thoughts nor fears.
I fell fast asleep, I dreamed strange dreams.
Lying on my side, I woke up with great excitement.
She could not scream, everything was like in a nightmare and at the same time sweet dream.
The doll, flashing eyes, sucked my nipple, climbing under the nightie.
I lay and did not know what to do.
Sweep, fear, desire, everything was in my head at that moment.
The doll looked at me with its own eyes, her big mouth hugged my nipple and pulled in, terribly, I felt terrible.
I didn’t know what to think, I wasn’t given some unknown power.
There was a wildly angry excitement – I was lying and feeling how this doll sucks and sucks, she just ate my nipple with her lips, sucked all my emotions out of me, I wanted to moan, I held on as best I could.
It probably lasted about 20 minutes, no less.
What a thought in my head prompted me to lie on my back, I lay down and right there the doll moved onto the second chest and began to perform the same actions.

From nowhere, I noticed small teeth in her mouth, like shuki.
She began to nibble my nipple, it became painfully pleasant.
The hands of the doll became elastic, they were long and the hand of the doll stroked my lips with fingers as thin as a match, then I threw them into my mouth and began to sizzle my tongue.
It was crazy and scary, but I could not control myself, could not scream or do something.
I fell asleep after losing myself, I do not know how.
I woke up after three hours, from a damp sheet and again feeling.
It was not transferable.
I was afraid to look under the blanket, I did not want to see her eyes.
She sucked my clit, this doll, it seemed huge to me, my clit, on sensations.
After a minute, I realized where the moisture came from, from the excitement, I began to flow so much that I wet the sheets under the entire area of ??my priests.
I finished, I do not know if I screamed or not, it was painfully sweet, a mixture of hypnosis, intoxication and bliss, which I had never experienced engaging in masturbation.

I did not know sex, was a virgin.
It was because the doll had outraged me the same night.
My sister was asleep, again, as if something prompted me, I got up and stood up with cancer, with my head on the pillow, and all this was under a blanket, how I was afraid that my sister would say goodbye.
The doll probably had a hand, I must think, penetrated into my current slot, and tore my chaff, it hurt me, but the pain immediately passed, and after five minutes, her movements inside me, I began to receive unearthly bliss, I finished.
There was so much fluid in my Gap that often it just flowed down my thighs from the movements of this hellish doll’s hand.
Everything was squelching there, I heard it, it was hard to believe.
She touched me inside, spiked her fingers, tingled me inside the vagina, deeper and deeper, the hand squirmed occasionally, as if it were snake-like.
I was wildly shy, I was afraid, but I stood like that on the bed with cancer under a blanket and flowed like the last slut, finished groaning in the pillow from overexcitement and emotions.

And then, I felt something like a thin tongue, like a snake, he caressed my anus, I relaxed so much that the doll easily stuck my tongue in my ass, making incredible movements there.
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