“Did you enjoy watching me?” I asked.
“Yes, I did.
It was so beautiful watching you cum,” she answered earnestly.
I saw her hand was still in her shorts moving up and down as we talked.
“I see you have already started. Tranny larissa on white couch.
Maybe I could watch you?” I offered.
Isabella didn’t even respond in words; she just pulled down her shorts and pulled off her top exposing a perfect nubile body and jumped on the bed beside me.
“Have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked. Helen mirren porno.
“No, but I find girls very attractive,” she told me.
“Me too.
Masturbate for me, Isabella,” I ordered.
Isabella’s hand moved to her completely shaved pussy and began rubbing her clit in a circle.
I mirrored her as we watched each other playing with our pussies. Lets play doctor fetish.
“Mutual masturbation is fun, but would you to do more?” I asked her.

“Oh yes!” she answered quickly.
“Okay then, lie back and relax,” I instructed.
I took her feet and put them together and kissed the bottoms of her feet and then I sucked on her toes, never losing eye contact with her. Xxx sexy virgen pron girl image.
I spread her legs and trailed my tongue from her calf to her inner thigh.
I smiled at her; she smiled back with anticipation.
I moved to her beautiful pussy.
I blew on it and she shivered.
Then in one motion, I licked her entire pussy with the flat of my tongue. Gymnastics upskirt voyeur.
Isabella moaned loudly.
I flicked my tongue rapidly on her clitoris, pushing my fingers inside her pussy.
I started rubbing her G-spot and she started cumming immediately.
Her hot juices flowed out of her pussy.

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And I lapped up every drop.
I moved up and kissed her on the lips so she could taste herself.
“Oh my God, I have never cum like that before!” she exclaimed.
“Happy I could help.
My turn to cum again,” I said, getting between her legs. Clothes brush spank.
Scissoring her, I began thrusting my hips and my pussy against hers.
I always loved this position because I can suck on the girl’s toes as I rubbed, which I did.
I came first and Isabella came maybe a minute later. Sexy cindy plus size costume.
We fell back on the bed with our legs entangled, spent.
I thought the day was going to be un-orgasmic, but it turned out to be a fantastic day.

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