Her chest heaved in response, her cleavage stealing his attention from her blazing brown eyes.
Wendy plucks the tiny tube of shampoo from the shelf and tilts her head with another broad grin.
Squeezing a large dollop into her palm, she massages it into her scalp, piling up her hair as she goes. Filthy asian threesome.
Foamy trickles of bubbles snake their way down her neck and between her breasts as she rinses it from her mane.
She repeats the process, then again with the conditioner.
Smirking with amusement, she relishes the memory of Michael’s sudden change in demeanour as they entered his room. White athletes dating black women.
His confidence had evaporated in an instant, reducing him to a stammering mess.
A sheen of sweat had polished his forehead, seemingly draining all the moisture from his mouth.
He had repeatedly licked his teeth and tried to swallow down his nervousness. Kimberly kato facial.
She found it adorable.
It was obvious that cheating on his wife with a younger woman was not an experience he was used to.

It was sweet somehow, and his innocence helped settle her own nerves.
Taking control, Wendy shrugged out of her coat and dropped it on the foot of the bed as she stepped over to him, another button on her blouse popping open to reveal a glimpse of her bra. Pawg long dick.
She brushed his navy suit coat from his shoulders and pulled his face down by his tie to meet hers in a tension-breaking kiss.
It was soft and wet, both of them breathing heavily into each other’s mouths. First time sex girl vagina.
Her fingers nimbly undid his buttons as their tongues danced, his tentatively finding the sweep of her hips.
Wendy hooked her fingers into his belt and lowered herself to her knees in front of him.
She deftly got his pants undone, taking his erection into her mouth as she pushed them down his thighs. Sexy blonde women naked in the shower.
The forbidden thrill of sucking another man’s cock flushed her entire body with an immense heat she hadn’t felt since her best friend’s bachelorette party.

It was more than just the taboo of infidelity Wendy knew, it was the sexual power she held over that man. Building strip malls.
She was in total control of his pleasure in that moment, and she loved it.
The intense eye contact they shared confirmed Michael understood it too.
She squeezes her breasts with the memory, rolling her nipples in a tight pinch. Dollysizzles webcam sexlive mature gratis.
The aroma of aloe and white tea from the body wash that slicks her palms flavours the steam in the shower cubicle.
It’s a relaxing scent, and Wendy drifts back into deep thought as she massages the expensive lotion into her stomach. Hanging lips teens nude.
Michael hadn’t lasted long under her ministrations.
He slipped himself from her mouth and awkwardly collapsed to his knees in front of her.

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