Or not quite.
Mrs Denver said loudly, “Legs apart, Mrs Howe.
” Jenny groaned as she parted her legs knowing whoever was behind her will have a clear view of her now stretched pussy.
Those to the side will see her breasts hanging down and Jenny knew they would swirl and swing as the cane did its work. Sweet bbw mom looking for sweet guy.
Those to the front will see her face etched with pain after each stroke.

So many different views; and so many people there to catch them.
Mrs Denver took up her position behind the 42-year-old and reminded Jenny and the watching crowd, “12 strokes, and 12 more later. Unseen sex japan.
” Jenny’s head dropped as the number of strokes she would receive sunk in.
She held on to the chair seat firmly knowing if she let go and stood up that stroke won’t count whilst at the same time so conscious of her nudity.

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She looked up and again saw Olivia, caught her eye for a moment, then looked back at the seat, focussing on the pain to come.
Suddenly she heard the swish and the thwack and milliseconds later felt the pain spread right across her bottom. Mature busty women with hairy pussies.