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– Ay! Well, what are you, fools, or what? – fluttering in our tenacious embraces, the girl screamed when we pulled off her robe and thong.
“Do not be afraid, my little one,” Lyudmila soothed her, patting her friend on the ass, “do not resist, we will gently knock you.”
– Well, I do not want! I’m not sick already, I recovered! – smiling, whining like a little girl, Katyushka.

But we were not going to listen to her, and began to lay the girl on his left side on the bed.
While I was holding the patient, Mila ran to the bathroom, and brought everything necessary for an enema from there.
Then she sat down at the head of the bed, and firmly took her friend by the arms: – That’s it, Katyusha, do not worry.
Well you will be better.
And we – more interesting! “Okay, come on,” Katya sniffed, offended.
– Yes, you have a good ass, – I patted Katyusha on the bulging pope, – but the extra weight is all the same.
Quite a bit, of course, but still: With these words, I gathered vaseline from a jar, and, opening the girl’s buttocks, I dipped my smeared fingers right into Katkin’s virgin trembling hole.
My secret sweetheart shrank all over, and squeaked softly.
Smearing the anus outside, I slightly thrust my index finger inside, and missed it – while Katka convulsively squeezed her ass, and jerked, as if I was wielding in her hole not with my finger, but with an electric shocker! ) – So, and now I’ll stick your tip, my little one, – I took a syringe full of water in my hand and leaned it against Katy’s plump ass.
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