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Repeat the task. ”
Oleg Konstantinovich, despite the ten-year difference in years in his favor, naturally, feels timid in front of this important fair-haired woman, whose age has barely exceeded 35, but who has already managed to defend one thesis and is now preparing another.

“Blue stocking!” – the senior geologist thinks hostilely, looking at her undoubtedly attractive but very tense face, even without a trace of makeup, blond hair tucked into a strict head-dress at the back of his head, – “How her husband lives with her.
Probably some kind of bitter bitterness. ”
Now she, looking at him with a piercing gaze, listens as he has learned the task for tomorrow’s route.
“Not!” – Galina Vasilyevna suddenly interrupts him – “This is not so”.
She frowns and, tapping a pencil on the map, again explains what is necessary and what should not be done tomorrow.
“Write down, Oleg Konstantinovich, write down everything word for word, do not rely on memory, especially since she already let you down.
Understand finally: until the end of the field season – a few weeks, we have every fine day in the account.

We can’t afford to waste time fixing old blunders and deficiencies. ”
The senior geologist, shivering under her gaze, writes down almost stenographically everything she says, then again, this time successfully, repeats the task and, having received good, puffing out, like after a bath, gets out of the tent.
Behind him goes Galina Vasilyevna herself.
The faces of the staff turn to her.
The boss quickly looks around the camp, recounts people around the fire.
Everything is in place.
The moon rises in the sky, the river habitually rustles below.
The clock is exactly ten.
“Tomorrow rise at five, an exit in a route at six.
Senior – Oleg Konstantinovich.
Tanya remains with me in the camp.
It will help with the office processing of data.
Good night everybody!”.
Young people reluctantly rise from their homes, someone floods a fire, someone goes to the river to brush their teeth, someone smokes a cigarette.
Fifteen minutes later, the last light in the tents goes out.
The camp is immersed in sleep.
Only the moon illuminates the temporary refuge of geologists.
It takes another ten minutes.
The canopy of the tent of the expedition leader opens again, the figure of its inhabitant appears in the dark doorway.
Her appearance suggests that she did not think to go to bed.

She wears a former field suit – sheepskin and trousers from canvas fabric, heavy boots on her legs.
For a few moments Galina Vassilyevna remains in the shadow, cast by the tent, listening to what is happening on the expedition entrusted to her.
The camp is asleep: I can’t hear the slightest whisper, not a single spark of cigarette.
Galina Vasilyevna looks at the gorge.
There, too, nothing unusual can be seen that could alert her.
But it was there, after waiting another second, that the young woman headed, very slowly and carefully at first, so as not to wake anyone up, then, moving away from the last tent by a hundred meters, she moves to a fast marching step.
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