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The guys rushed to leave me, they quickly dressed and popped out of the toilet with a bullet.
I cleaned myself up, washed, straightened clothes and left the toilet, and then from the cafe, followed by the eyes of visitors.
When I came to work, I stared blankly at the monitor, in fact, my thoughts were in that wonderful place I had just visited.

The body pleasantly sank like more, I wanted more.
I sat at the computer and reread the last post of Oleg, who was sitting in the next office down the hall.
I especially liked the last lines “My member asks out.
underwear, like a little shred of cloth that covers only the base and the testicles.
!!! Sweet pain !!! “.
And from the rest of the lines I have hard nipples and it became wet in panties.
Oleg sought me for a long time, but only lately in his letters such vileness appeared, from which my heart was beating furiously, my head was spinning, and I was not only ready to allow him all these vileness, but also craved them.

And what else to do if the swollen nipples in the captivity of a close bust caused almost pain, and just didn’t squish in the panties.
My quivering fingers knocked out what I felt: “You have achieved, prankster, that my nipples hardened and I flowed.” Almost instantly, the answer came: “Mmm.
How I want to check it out! Will you allow me to do this? ”I sighed lingeringly and bit my lower lip – a few more droplets spilled into my panties:“ You are so fast! My husband will check me.
And you will check with your wife! ”The answer did not come, but soon Oleg’s head appeared in the doorway: Let’s go, Vika, have a smoke? I did not smoke, but often made a company to him.
The blue-eyed brunette, toned and sexy, he preferred the company to the most sophisticated office girl — my company.
I was clattering heels next to this attractive man, almost ending with his presence and the nipples rubbing inside the bust.
Are we on the black ladder? – I babbled when we walked past the smoking room.
– What are you going to do???

Check, of course! – Oleg answered, having looked in my decollete, and clasped my waist.
From the fact that I was pressed to a strong male body, all my heightened feelings screamed.
Mom, I’m dying! A little more and I myself will go into his pants to check how hardness is there! I squinted my eyes.
Oleg’s trousers were very clearly bulging in the groin area.
Oh dear, there is this thing that so desires me that it does not want to fall off! Aloud said: Yeah.
When we reached the black stairs, I firmly decided that I needed to change my panties after a smoke break.
Where are your cigarettes? – I cautiously asked when Oleg snapped the lock on the floor.
Well, we did not come here for this! You wrote that you love when people are tearing at you and they are harshly taken, almost raped.
You don’t want me to do that, do you? After all, I just want to check what you wrote about! Blackmailer! – I exclaimed, gasping for breath, because Oleg walked around behind me and hugged me, firmly pressing my ass against a hard bulge.

I almost lost my head, feeling like in my buttocks, literally pressed such a hard member.
And Oleg began to whisper in my ear, simultaneously kissing him: You are a goddess, you turn me on like this! I have a stake all day, and I want you differently and always !!! I want to conquer you !!! Passionately and insatiable.
then boldly, then gently! But I do not want to do this if you are against.
But first, I want to know how I am driving you.
I felt how men’s hands moved from the waist to the chest and gently squeezed it.
From such a simple caress a moan broke from my lips.
And the ass itself by itself even more tightly entrenched to the impressive manhood, separated from me only by a couple of layers of fabric.
And when Oleg unfastened my blouse, I no longer resisted.
On the contrary, I could not wait to appear before him with a semi-nude breast.
I see, prankster, that you put on white linen, as I asked.
Transparent, only embroidered flowers obstruct the nipples.

I felt how soft tissue was shifted from my breasts, and now they fluttered freely, at the same moment, however, squeezed by hot palms.
“You really harden your nipples,” Oleg whispered, fingering the tips of his fingers.
I was already shaking all over from this light caress, and then Oleg took up my breasts seriously, commenting on what was happening: I would have admired them, caressed them, crumpled and gently spanked, pushed off the nipples.
You are just a queen.
And when Oleg lightly slapped up to my chest from the bottom up, from which she entered with a shake, I almost finished.
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