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“Wait, let’s go to the bed,” suggested the brother.
On the bed, we immediately went with a jack, so that our dicks were within the direct reach of each other’s mouths.
It was not necessary to invite anyone to anyone else’s dick.

Suddenly, I felt my brother’s finger pressing on my anus.
This I have experienced before – there were experiments with candles in condoms.
But this is something new! I also decided not to lag behind and stretched out my hand to his anus.
The pressure on my ass intensified, but it became somewhat unpleasant.
“Take the cream,” I asked.
Brother brought the cream and gave it to me.
I poured a fair amount of it into my hand and began to lubricate my cock.
“?” – surprised brother.
“And let’s fuck,” I replied.
After a little hesitating bratk nodded, but warned: “Only carefully, you are the first there.”
Thoroughly smearing my dick, I additionally squeezed the cream out of the tube between the brother’s buttocks, which by that time was already on all fours.

Having moved to him, I sent my penis to him in the anus and began to slowly increase the pressure.
At first it was very tight, my brother moaned, but now my dick overcame some kind of barrier and I found myself in the ass of another man — my brother !! After five seconds of peace I began to fuck him !!! But then brother rebelled: “And I?” It was and I get on all fours.
But my depraved fantasy told me the other way.
Knocking my brother on his back, I smeared his cock and my anus with cream.
Then I stood over him and began to lower my ass on his dick.
There is – at me rested the dick of another man! I continued to go down and savor my feelings about the fact that in my ass enters a live someone else’s dick, and not a candle.
I went down until I touched the buttocks of my brother’s hips.
My buttocks were spread by my own hands and the little ring of the anus that gripped his cock, I felt the tickling of my pubic hair.
I liked that.
I began to slowly rise and look up at my brother’s cock !!!

I liked it more and more !!! My own dick just stiff with excitement.
But my brother didn’t have such a position, and I had to get up with cancer and let me fuck the way he wanted.
even deeper! And then I finished.
Finished from a minor touch to my dick arm brother.
The excitement began to subside quickly and I felt uncomfortable with the dick in my ass.
Having stopped my brother, I got up, got dressed, and went to my home.
Later we agreed with him to do the same, only with a smaller amount of alcohol.
Everything was already ready, BUT !!! I was detained by the work and my Slave had to go the most.
He promised to come next Thursday.
In general, the work was delayed and I got on Friday at 8 kopecks.
I was greeted in a boarding house warmly, they even led us to the house (a two-story house for four rooms), the house administrator with a smile led me to the second floor and said: – you are now cleaned, but if you want, we will postpone it.

“No problem, go on,” I replied.
– sorry then!!! She took hold of the door handle on which the signboard sign was free, and opened the door, smiling, letting me through.
I entered the room and froze, the administrator came behind me whispered – Sorry.
On the couch lay my slut, throwing her legs on the shoulders of the guy who fucked her like a real fuck, and the other two cleaned up in the nude.
Having seen me, my SWINGER jumped off the dick and rushed towards me, dug a kiss into my lips (the taste of sperm and the aroma of sex made me so excited that the dick didn’t rip the pants).
She: – I missed you so much.
Why so long? I love you so much!!! I was waiting for you so !!! You bitch made me worry.
You will be punished.
You see the boy did not finish lick me and he will fuck me.
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