If I thought that Emilio had made a production over Sandra when she entered the hotel, I changed my mind when I escorted Sadie in.
He did everything he could do for her except a brass band.
With five minutes notice he would have had that, too Sadie smiled at Emilio and asked, “How are you, Emilio, is everything going well with you?” “Oh, yes, Ma’am, what can I do for you this evening? Nervous voyeur thumbs. Can I get you anything? Will you be dining with us? May I show you to the dining room? “Calm down Emilio, what you can do is see if Mrs.
Whitaker would receive us.
If she will please ask if she would join us for dinner.

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” Emilio damn near ran up the stairs.
In a few minutes he returned and said, “ Mrs.
Whitaker would be delighted to receive you, but begs off dinner in the dining room.
Instead, she asks if you wouldn’t mind eating in her suite as she is still a little uncomfortable amongst groups of people she doesn’t know. She gets so wet.
” Sadie countered, “That would be delightful.
Emilio, please prepare everything and we will go up.
” The following forty five minute performance was one I’ll never forget.
During the time that a dining room table was being set up, extra furniture was being removed for more room, waiters and waitresses bringing up dainty little canapes and before dinner tiny sips of something, Sadie and Sandie sat and exchanged the most meaningless pleasantries and polite nothings I’d ever heard.

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Even Jasmine fit right in, removing soiled little plates and glasses, providing lacy little napkins, which didn’t touch a mouth at any time, and then just stood in the background like a piece of furniture. Massive webcams.

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