The teacher who spanked me was very serious as she took me by the arm and led me to the blanket.
She sat on the ground and I saw she was wearing the same tennis skirt as the other teachers and so her thighs were bare. Old chinese blowjob.
She pulled me down across her bare lap.
I suppose it was nice having skin on skin but once she started to spank my bottom I forgot all about that.
She was landing spank after spank on the same spot and she never stopped for a rest. Bbw dress fuck.
She just kept on spanking me and it hurt so much.
” Dan said, “I had to watch with the other teacher holding me by the upper arm.
Lana was spanked really hard.
I could see her bottom getting darker and darker red and Lana was crying out as each spank landed so I knew it hurt much more than the first spanking. Adult chat room.

I kept thinking I was going to be next and even so I was getting an erection.
I reckoned at the time that it was seeing Lana’s bare bottom but it may have been the thought of the spanking I was going to get.
” Lana added, blushing, “I also got aroused watching Dan being spanked and wasn’t sure why either. Sex buddy no sign up.
I am beginning to think it was the spanking as well.
I got really close to an orgasm and was squeezing my thighs together to get those flutters going.
I would have cum if Dan’s spanking hadn’t stopped.
” Emma and Kate both laughed. Lasthero1 cam sex locals.
Kate responded, “You are definitely right, both of you.
We have both spanked each other, then made out, and then spanked each other again.
We actually liked the second spanking because it does make a bottom sting that much more than the first spanking.

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On the plus side, it also means that when we make out again the orgasms are much much more intense.
” Emma and Kate could see Lana’s taut nipples sitting so proud of her ample breasts and knew that she was getting more and more aroused by the memory of the spanking and by seeing Dan’s growing erection. Swinger clubs beaumont.
Dan and Lana looked thoughtful as they continued to rub their bottoms.
Neither seemed sure although Dan was getting another erection and Lana was licking her lips as she looked at Dan’s stiff penis.

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