We kissed for seconds, minutes, maybe even an hour.
It seemed like an eternity.
I gently moved Nicole’s soft, chocolate brown hair away from her neck.
I moved my mouth from her lips, leaving a trail of soft kisses across her jawline, finally reaching her neck. Filipina putitaxxx.
I teased her, softly kissing, biting and licking her neck.
I could tell she was enjoying it by her erratic breathing, and by the way her arms were around me, pulling my body closer to hers.
I felt as if my body were melting into hers, becoming one with her, as I kissed her for what seemed like forever. Live adult cams.
It was like one of those moments, where it seems as though all the clocks in the world stopped and time is frozen.
We continued kissing, my lips lightly touching hers, and then pressing harder against them, and then back to kissing her deeply; my tongue dueling with hers.

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Kissing her was so amazing.
It’s just one of those feelings that can’t really be put into words.
Her lips fit perfectly with mine, like two pieces of a puzzle.
It was as if we read each other’s minds, as our hands both simultaneously wandered south; my hand slid under the elastic of her short shorts, as her hand slid under mine. Talkabout chat online.
I felt her wetness cover my fingers as I touched her for the first time.
As Nicole’s hand slid down into my shorts, coming in contact with my soaking wet pussy, I couldn’t help but let a barely audible moan, slip through my lips into her mouth, as I began thinking of all the possible things that could happen next. Pozeetive malayalli garl sex chatt.
Nicole made the next move, gently pushing me onto the floor, gracefully falling on top of me, her body pressing into mine.

I felt her hard nipples pressing against my body.
Nicole slid herself down, so that her face was inches away from my crotch, so close, that I felt her warm breath tease my inner thighs. Heat penetration characteristics of milk.
She teased me, placing light kisses on my inner thighs, still not taking my soaking wet shorts off, which were becoming more and more drenched by the second.
Finally, Nicole gave in to my needs and pulled the shorts down and off of my legs. Are david schwimmer and jennifer aniston dating.
Then, ever so slowly, she dragged her tongue up the inside of my right leg, then paused for a second, skipped over my pussy, making me moan in frustration, begging her to lick me.
Then she licked and kissed around the inside of my left thigh. Fear factor boob.
Finally, after torturing me and making me wait, which by the way was worth it, Nicole slowly licked around my clit, making me moan loudly and arch my back.

She continued slowly licking around my clit, avoiding direct contact. Mokenadating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd.
Somehow, she knew that I loved being teased.
Just as I was about to cum, Nicole took my clit in her mouth, sucking on it hard, which sent me over the edge, causing me to cum.
As I was cumming, Nicole dragged her tongue to my hole, thrusting her tongue deep inside me, making me cum even harder. Watch beauty lilien ramirez graffiti blondes.
She licked up every drop of my cum, then slid up next to me, kissing me deeply, letting me taste myself on her tongue.
After a few minutes of kissing, I regained my strength, and decided it was my turn to make Nicole cum. Free no credit card dating site.
I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards me, positioning her so that she was sitting on my face.

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