Emma let out a frustrated sob, “Noooo….
” Matt felt it was too soon to allow Emma the release she so desperately wanted.
He stood up and looked down on her.
He smiled as he watched her.
She hadn’t moved an inch. Free milf porn film.
She was waiting for him.
Her lips were saying something but no sound came out.
Emma’s eyes rolled upwards as she felt Matt’s cock slide into her cunt.
She pushed back onto his cock to quicken its entry.
She sighed, heavily, when it was fully inside her, closing her eyes at the same time. Bbw new liskeard ontario suck my cock.
Matt relished the feeling.
He left his cock in her for a few seconds, then withdrew it and pushed it in again.
Emma released a long drawn out sigh as he did so.
The third stroke was quicker, while the rest of his thrusts pushed into her at a rate of one a second.

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Matt slowed down a little, and eventually left his cock buried in her.
Emma was close.
He knew it.
Should he let her cum? Matt pondered the question while he fucked his cock into her again.
Matt eventually placed his hands on her hips and pushed his body downwards. Celebrity nude upskirt pics.
Emma leant forward, her elbows and arms now outstretched in front of her, her head flat on the bedclothes, but turned to her right.
“Yes, fuck me like that,” she told Matt.
Matt’s cock was aiming high into Emma’s cunt. Arinagrey chaturbate become a model.
It was caressing her insides, all the way in, and out.
Emma was pushing her arse back to meet Matt’s thrusts, as best she could.
Each thrust resulted in Emma grunting into the sheets.
She came on the sixth thrust of Matt’s cock as he entered her.

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Matt didn’t let up, he wanted his release too.
He was pushing his cock into her as he leant over her body.
His hand cupped one of her breasts, and he squeezed it while trying to lift Emma off the bed.
Matt gathered her hair in his hands and pulled back on it. Online bull webcam cockold.
Emma raised herself off the bed immediately, her arms extended in front of her; more for balance than anything else.
Matt pushed his cock into her at an alarming rate, while pulling back on her hair at the same time. Doggystyle spread ass.
With every thrust, he grunted.
With every thrust, he got closer to his release.

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