Bestiality webcam tube. best webcam girl videos David completely lost control, he cried like a child, hiding his face in his hands, forgetting how strong, courageous and resistant he was.
– I’m leaving, David.
It will be better for both of us.
– George said guiltily; – I will call and order now to have my belongings removed from to.

your house, and transported to this apartment.
When it will be easier for you, you will decide how to dispose of them.
Forgive me.
said George.
At this moment two persistent machine beeps were heard outside the window.
“That’s behind me!” Said George.
-I have to go.
Goodbye, David.
– He gently touched David’s fingers, and, raising his face, and kissed his lips.
David embraced him, going mad with grief and despair, unable to unclench the embrace, because he was afraid that this time they would break open forever.
George gently freed himself, got up, and, the last time he looked at David who was crying, took his bags and went to the car.
David knew where he was going.
He had never felt so unhappy and helpless, and could not understand how he had allowed George to leave.
David returned home, and for many weeks he continued to drink and drink, trying to somehow drown out his pain and grief.
Weeks, months, but nothing changed.

George suffered no less.
He simply died according to David, died without his eyes, smiles, kisses and hugs, and sometimes he was ready to rush back to England, to David, but the picture that he saw on that ill-fated night surfaced in his mind with photographic accuracy.
George could not forgive himself, nor David.
He understood that he himself would destroy everything. Webcam girl fingering. First of all, he blamed himself for what had happened.
These thoughts came to him all the time, but pain, longing, resentment still mixed with him, and God knows what else.
But the more time passed, the more David understood that he could not do without George.
And once he got ready, took a plane ticket and went after George with the firm intention that he would not return without him.
David literally ran through the unfamiliar streets of a foreign city, and prayed to himself only to find George.
He caught a taxi, and the driver drove him to the address without any problems.
David pressed the bell button with a trembling finger, and after a few moments the door swung open.
George stood in the doorway, barefoot, in his house shorts and his shirt was unbuttoned, his beautiful blue eyes wide open in surprise and surprise.
David resolutely stepped inside, flat, pushing George, slammed the door behind him and literally pounced on him, squeezing his arms and greedily glaring at his lips.

George left the ground under his feet, he could not utter a word.
The clothes flew to the sides, David went straight at George, without opening a kiss, until they fell into a wide bed.
David tore off the remnants of clothes from George, and now he lay completely naked before him, dazzlingly beautiful and trembling with excitement.
– You are mine, Georgie.
You are so sweet.
I so want to make love with you, I dreamed about it all this time! ”David whispered and began eagerly to shower his body with kisses, caress his face, neck, chest, nipples, elastic stomach, legs with his lips and tongue.
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