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Women just sataneli from one of its kind.
Polyntsev continued to dictate, and he thought: “Wow! Take off.
They say that in the hospital all the beautiful women frayed.

Who are the judges ?! And who is pleasing members of numerous commissions who, like typhoid lice, especially in summer, crawl into the fleet. ”
Polyntsev was right.
Its personnel, especially the youngest and cutest part of it, more than once rescued the naval authorities during the period of formidable inspections and inspections, hospitably exposing their trained body to the body of inspectors and inspectors.
Today, for example, a commission from the Center is also expected, and again, who will be the one to take the rap? Who knows
Chief of the Navy hospital and its beauty.

The first thing that Polyntsev did when he assumed the position of head of the hospital was that he resolved a personnel issue.
Sofya Mikhailovna.
“Bring me, please, the personal files of female employees no older than twenty-five,” the boss immediately ordered his secretary.
An hour later, the employee’s personal files were on the chief’s desk.
Small photos of Polyntsov gazed at snub-nosed and nosy, with chubby lips and sunken cheeks, with thirty-three employees who were surprised and arrogantly looking almond-shaped eyes.
Polyntsev chose from them the ten most beautiful and put them aside.
These back in the box.
We will not need such “beauties”, – he returned the plain girls, – but these, after dinner, one for me in my office for a personal conversation, – the chief ordered.

The first, slender brunette, a nurse from the surgical department, Polyntsev, feeling an appreciative look, immediately invited him to the rest room, the door to which led straight from his office.
There, on the table, there was a misted bottle of champagne, just taken out of the fridge, next to which lay two bars of black chocolate.
Well, sweetheart, let’s start a purely business conversation, ”the chef kindly said, pouring champagne on his glass.
I – attention itself, – the girl smiled in response, and briskly crossed her legs, which burned the gaze of the head with the whiteness of narrow panties that flashed from under the mini-skirt.
“ABOUT! From this, obviously, there will be a lot of sense!
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