Mobile cam sex chat. sex camz She hit her forehead, spray flew both into her eyes, and on her eyelashes, and on her hair, sperm poured her lips, and smoothly began to flow down her chin.
Finally the stream dried up, and Nikolai Petrovich breathed a sigh of relief.
Nikolai Petrovich buttoned up his pants and tiredly sank into a chair to catch his breath, even though he didn’t do anything, but he had terrible shortness of breath and his heart was pounding in his chest because of an excess of adrenaline.
It is understandable, because after all it was sex right during the film show.

Vera looked quite calm.
She got up from her knees, rummaged in her bag, and took out a damp napkin, wiped her face.
– Well, how are you? She asked, wiping the last drop of cum off her chin.
– You are gorgeous as always! – Thanks, you too! – answered Vera, having kissed Nikolay Petrovich in a bald spot.
Vera straightened her crumpled skirt, and she took off her completely wet panties and threw them into her bag, she also arrived with a dirty napkin.
Doing all this she, as if nothing had happened, sat down in a chair.
Fifteen minutes later the film ended.
Vera and Nikolai Petrovich quietly got up and left the hall, taking the clothes in the wardrobe, they went outside.

It was warm and quiet, smelling like flowers and freshly cut grass.
– Where now? – asked Nikolai Petrovich.
– Come on home, I have a surprise for you.
– Vera answered, smiling slyly.
– Which one? – We will come home to find out.
And do not forget, our evening is just beginning! To be continued.
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Alina had some unpleasant moments in her life that you probably already know about, but there was good in her life.
She was lucky with her parents, with her friends, and, of course, with a guy.
For almost two years she was with Ruslan, and during these two years she loved him more than life.
And today was a wonderful May day, the weather was just gorgeous.
It was already warm in summer, but it was hot as in summer.
But it was not the weather that pleased Alina, although she also improved her mood.
Ruslana’s father often left for work for 2-3 days in different cities, and her mother worked in a round-the-clock supermarket, she had shifts when she spent a lot of time at work.
Today was the day when Ruslan’s parents were absent, and his apartment could become a place of love comforts for him and Alina.
And now this young couple was in a hurry, puzzled by the goal of satisfying their passion.

They entered the apartment, Ruslan locked the door, and they could not wait any longer and began to throw off their clothes.
They reached the room of Ruslan’s parents, where the big bed was, in their underwear.
Ruslan was in free family shorts, and Alina was in modest white panties and a white T-shirt, from which the sharp nipples of her small but elastic breasts protruded.
Alina usually wore modest lingerie, but was incredibly sexy in her too.
It is clear that a member of Ruslan was already striving to break free with all his might.
Alina could not resist and, when there were only a few steps to the bed, she pressed Ruslan against the wall.
She firmly kissed Ruslan on the lips, while her hand slipped into the panties of her beloved and gently wrapped her arms around her cock.
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