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Anya uttered her Russian “Wow!” In American style and we again burst into laughter.
“Naive,” a gloating thought flashed through my mind, “as if we were going to do something else now!” Still in her captivating embrace, I stopped in front of one of the doors and pressed her back to the wall.
My hands slid down her back and waist, shoved under her dress and grabbed her thighs over her, grabbed the girl.

Anya clutched at me with her ardent lips, her legs twisted around my thigh.

My hand accidentally touched her labia: the little one was ready to let it flow.
I bit her neck, fingers digging into her buttocks – these juicy buns.
The next moment, the door to the room opened, and we disappeared into the dark.
We collapsed onto the bed, immediately sweeping away the bedspread and pillows.
They continued kissing while our hands touched each other’s bodies.
I felt my back nails scratching my shoulder blades, neck, leaving sexy marks.

My hands felt her delicious legs, moving in the direction from which these legs grow.
Then I felt her thong and pussy languishing in the run-up to sexual intercourse.
I unzipped my shirt, showered my body with my kisses.
Then loosened the belt and began to slacken pants.
In the meantime, I unbuttoned the dress on her back and, with the help of a non-intrusive movement of my hands, threw off the straps from her shoulders.
Her luxurious breasts literally fell out of a dress and fell on my stomach.
While Anya went downstairs, taking off my pants, her excited nipples were tickling my stomach.
From just one thought, all my muscles tightened.
Including the very necessary muscle: the pants were already lying at the foot of the bed, and Anya began to slyly panty off my pants when my member activated and jumped out to meet her.
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