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It’s fantastic.
The wolf removes her tongue, and the girl rejoices at the respite.
But it was not there.

at the first moment the legs of the beast are on the sides of the bench.
In the second, with a powerful blow, he plants his stake into the depths of anal sex, no cunt, no, nevertheless anala.
Natasha can not understand, and then it comes to her – the wolf has 2 vertically arranged members.
These jackhammers work to break.
if the wolf were not standing on the bench, she would have turned over.
he stuck and stuck, accelerating the pace to the unthinkable.
Coke was so hot that the girl was afraid to burn.
Waves of orgasms began to cover her again.
She almost lost consciousness when the wolf pulled out the hoses from it and jumping from the bench went around her.
Through misty eyes, Natasha saw these two sledgehammers in front of her face and huge eggs.
The wolf wanted a blowjob.
having taken both sledge hammers in hands, the girl in turn began to lick heads, then to suck, densely squeezing lips.

Little by little, she tried to shove herself deeper out of her mouth.
But the size is not the same.
So only the heads she had to be content.
Entering from such sweet heads, Natasha accelerated the tempo and at one of the moments of a prolonged suction the lower member stiffened and began to pour a sea of ??sperm into the girl’s mouth.
She almost choked, but finding the rhythm began to have time to swallow the liquid.
She was just a huge amount.
The wolf pumped and pumped the girl’s stomach.
Finally, he softened.
Natasha got off the bench and just climbed under the wolf.
The upper member was waiting for her.
She continued the process.
he was beautiful, it flowed only from one taste of this stick.
Natasha played with him, bit her, drew patterns with her tongue and he could not resist.
A new portion of sperm rushed into the girl’s mouth, but she was ready and not just swallowing her, but also trying to suck more and squeeze out with her hands.
So the second term went limp, and the eggs became small.
The girl climbed out from under the wolf and he gratefully licked her face and then jumped back out the window and disappeared.

Natasha looked from the window to herself: “So I had dinner !!!” – her belly swelled as if for 6 months.
Rising from the floor, she wandered over to the bed, not even closing the window, putting out the candles on the table on the way.
Chest tight, silky skin, closed holes, a smile on his face.
The morning began cheerfully.
Abdominal distention has subsided and you can do exercises – one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.
Natasha rushed out of the house a little sweating and jumped into the lake.
Floating half an hour (no one pestered), she returned to the house, dried herself and remembered the paintings.
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