Xhamster ebony webcam. Webcam xxx gratis. I was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts that did not hide my slim legs.
Because of some nonsense, Denis and I had a falling out and almost got into a fight, but I didn’t have a chance.
I weighed 45 kilos with a height of 170 centimeters, I didn’t have any muscles at all – in short, a clean girl.
I had the imprudence to call him an “asshole”, which is why Denis twisted his hands behind my back.

– Well, quickly apologize! – No, Denis.
Do what you want, but I will not apologize.
– Well, what you want so what you want.
He tied my hands with scotch so that I could not even move them.
After that, Denis put me on his knees in front of him, tore off his shirt, took off his shorts.
I tried to kick, but there was little use to it.
– What are you doing?! Denis, forgive, I beg you, just let me go! – It’s late, bitch.
From now on you will be Nastya.
Do you understand me, whore? Open your mouth, you will suck now.

“Denis, please!” Instead of answering, Denis just unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick.
God, I did not think (now I will talk about myself in the feminine) that he is so big.
He poked it in my mouth, but I didn’t want to suck him and at first tried to resist.
However, I immediately realized that I was sitting in front of him bound and almost naked, I could not do anything.
5 minutes I sucked his dick, several times choking at the same time.
Then he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
He had me without lubrication, it is difficult to put into words the pain that I felt.
Finally he finished.
Having rested a few minutes, Denis again made me give him a blowjob.
All day he had me in various poses, I could hardly believe that all this was happening to me.
In the end, tied to the bed and fucked, I fell asleep.
I woke up late, about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
I was wearing lace panties, a skirt above the knee, high-heeled shoes, a bra and a short T-shirt.

The hands were cuffed to the bed.
– Good morning, pretty.
If I saw you on the street I would never have thought that you were a guy.
I think nature just made a mistake, you should have been born a girl.
In addition, you know how to suck well.
Denis took off my handcuffs, helped me out of bed, and then pushed me with such force that I immediately fell to the floor.
– Nastya, from now on you will be my slave.
You will do whatever I want.
Yes, by the way, I have a lot of your photos in a variety of poses.
So if you do not want them to be on the Internet, you will have to obey.
You can call me only Master.
Denis pressed on the most painful.
Because of my female figure, my classmates didn’t like me very much, constantly joking and mocking me.
And if they see such photos.
– Of course, my lord.
Toward evening, we went for a walk with him around the village.
Because of the feminine features of my face, I didn’t have to paint, and my hair was long.

Therefore, everyone recognized me on the streets at once.
It was very embarrassing, because I was still in women’s clothes and walked on all fours next to Denis on a leash.
We went with him to the field, where he fucked me again several times.
At night, we came to all the other girls and guys.
The guys admitted that I looked much sexier than all the other girls.
However, after numerous harassment, we left it, because Denis did not like it.
After 2 days, my parents returned, and I immediately went to Moscow with them.
In Moscow, Denis lived in the same area as me.
In the autumn, he returned, and all the time until spring I had to fulfill all his whims as well.
I got used to it, but the worst began later.
Denis thought it would be more profitable for him not only to fuck me, but also to sell me to others.
I still could not get over the idea that I was a girl now, and now I even had to go to school in a skirt and shoes.

The fact that I can be fucked cheaply knew the whole area, and Denis still put those photos on the Internet.
Nevertheless, the money for the fact that the other guys fuck me all the same, he received, since he didn’t cost me to beat me to death or “sell” to Caucasians, which I was most afraid of.
That’s how from the guy I became a slut, accessible to the whole area.
Behind him suddenly came the hum of several voices.
We were catching up with other tourists.
Alla and I walked further up the stairs, and going up to the observation deck, we stopped to look at the view from her.
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