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As he started taking it off I said, “No, please!” “Awe, baby, don’t you worry.
I’m not going to hurt you. (more…)

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You come back and start to rub it in, kissing my shoulders and upper back as you do to soothe me.
“I’m sorry baby, but you knew better.
” I sniffle and look up to see your boss watching us. Wanting less sex than your husband.
I shrink back to pull the covers up but you stop me.
“He knows, baby, he knows what a dirty little slut you’ve turned into and he always watches.
” I’m humiliated and very angry.

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I go to sit up but you push me back down and tell me to stay.
I don’t move.
“Why?” I whisper, looking up at you, the rest of my body utterly motionless, still tingling with sensation.
“Because I can.
” You say, the only answer you’ll give me as you both walk out to the kitchen.

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You turn on the tv to the resort’s station.
You flip through the various videos to find what I missed.
As it starts, I realize I really did miss something good sleeping through it. Boy flash dick to elder women.
By the time it ends, my diaper is again wet, in that way.

The video shows all around the resort.
The central play park we glimpsed as we arrived, a shopping area with a grocery store equipped with adult seat carts, an adult baby clothes store, baby beauty parlor, a pediatrician’s office, a public swimming pool, and even an adult baby daycare center.

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We exchanged facial expressions and that was all it took.
He grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to his bedroom. (more…)

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It is just a passing flash of what might have been.
But what they have now, is all that is needed.
My name is Kim. (more…)

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I leaned forward and kissed the dark pinkish-purple head of Curtis’s magnificent penis and it pulsed up in response.
I looked at my husband, smiled, and asked him, “Are you OK baby? Meet hot sluts adenau. Is what I just did OK?” “Oh yes, that was very hot to watch.

” I could see the large boner Jim was sporting inside his shorts.
He continued, “What do you need baby? Dating fairmount illinois mature single moms. What do you want?” “I don’t know, but I need something right now.
I am right on the edge.
” I responded.
Curtis looked to Jim and asked, “May I take care of her?” “Please do.

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Still hard as steel, I stepped to the pile of flesh and tapped Todd on the shoulder, hushing him so as not to break the mood. (more…)