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He held the tube up and read the label, Ultra-Glide was printed there, touting that this water based lubricant was ideal for intimate sex, specifically used for anal sex. (more…)

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I woke the next morning to the feeling of Launa’s gently stoking my cheek and Mark kissing the back of my shoulder.
We didn’t get long together that morning because Launa needed to get up with the baby but Mark and I got to share a shower together before I got thrown down onto the bed again for a good, hard old fashioned fuck.

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I walked the short walk home that morning with my mind flashing up all the little details of the night before.
All I could think about was when I could go around again. Information on dick turpin.
I didn’t have to wait long!

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I was stuck at the school well after I would normally be home.
You see, at the time, my school had a policy to save money that included keeping certain ‘good’ students after school to help clean up the school. Bilpin female singles. (more…)

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I’m going to keep going until I’m satisfied that you can’t take any more.
Then, I’m going to use you for my pleasure.
” He caressed the inside of my splayed thighs, drawing the vibrator down my torso slowly.
“Alternately, I could just take you. Benefit friend swinging. (more…)

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By the time Friday rolled around I’d put off finalizing any plans with my increasingly annoyed girlfriend until it was really too late. (more…)

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He’s the dumber of the two of us, He’s nineteen and failed his senior year.
I was quiet when I came home which is why I believe my mom didn’t hear me come in. Bjpussy teton village at teton village.
I put my bag and books down on the table and went to grab a drink from the fridge.

I heard a noise coming from upstairs.
I knew my mom was home so I didn’t think anything of it. Mom shaves daughters pussy.
I started to head towards my room when I was walking past her’s when I heard moaning.
I turned to look in shock.
Her bedroom door was left open about an inch. College cheerleader looking.
Being the nosy younger brother that I am I looked through the opening in the door, my mom laid on the bed, naked, exposed, ass in the air, one hand on her pillow grasping it, one hand underneath her, fingers inside her.

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I couldn’t blame him for it, really.
Even with my bra on, in the coolness of the store it was easy to see the way my nipples poked and stretched the cotton fabric.
” I reached for his sleeve and ended up grabbing his hand instead. I love to eat dirty used pussy. (more…)