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I knew people did it in porn videos all the time, but I just had the urge to stick out my tongue and lick her breasts. (more…)

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The whip cracked right on her pussy this time, causing Stacey to nearly sit all the way up, but she quickly recovered her position and covered it instinctually with her hand. (more…)

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I swear to fucking Christ, ‘Raine,” he blathered, whipping himself into a frenzy.
“I don’t know what their deal is, what they want. (more…)

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I slowly got undressed to my boxers, feeling a bit uneasy in their home and slipped under the covers. (more…)

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“I will remember that thanks Jack” We sat for ages with jack telling me how things worked here the sort of things that go on and what may be expected, some of which shocked me and I always thought myself liberated, there could be days of not being summoned or even weeks but this time you used to take in all the beauty of the palace and it’s grounds. School ffm. (more…)

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The rich, overpowering taste of his cock stung her.
Only after drawing her tongue back into her mouth did she realise she was tasting not only him, but Imogen too. (more…)

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Her hand tapped my shoulder approvingly.
“Good girl.
Now say that in paint.
” I felt almost bereft when her hand left me and she moved to another artist’s station. (more…)

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My hands slid down her back to the top of her worn and dirty jeans where I stopped not knowing how far I should take this. (more…)

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My hand reaches for you, as my cock stirs.
My desire for your body still strong.
With a cruel smile you slap my hand away.
“I just got off the plane, I need a proper shower.
” As you walk to the shower my gaze tracks your arse hungrilly. Bottom growth. (more…)

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“Take your time.
There’s no hurry,” he offered, smiling at his father in the mirror, blinking his eyes, trying to focus in the darkness, just making out the silhouette of his father’s face and his left hand on the steering wheel, the dashboard lighting up the fine hairs on his disfigured arm, the reflection in the mirror throwing back an image of a proud and honest man. Faye valentine redhead. (more…)

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“Feeling better?” he asks with a gentle smile.
I smile back, nodding my head, something in his expression making me feel at ease. (more…)

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Now, something else twitched as his cock rose and pressed its length against his zipper.
An interesting plan began to form in his mind, and all he needed was her address. (more…)

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It seemed to go on and on forever, the plug growing wider and wider, pushing deeper and deeper into her. (more…)

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Simon had been a typical high school nerd.
Tall and boyishly handsome, he was still awkward and uncomfortable around girls. (more…)

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Thankfully they all were whiskey drinkers as well and were quite happy to avoid the cliche of champagne. (more…)

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“You will probably have a few bruises for a while” he told her.
Gina nodded.
“I know”.
“I’m sorry” he told her. (more…)

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He’s the dumber of the two of us, He’s nineteen and failed his senior year.
I was quiet when I came home which is why I believe my mom didn’t hear me come in. Bjpussy teton village at teton village.
I put my bag and books down on the table and went to grab a drink from the fridge.

I heard a noise coming from upstairs.
I knew my mom was home so I didn’t think anything of it. Mom shaves daughters pussy.
I started to head towards my room when I was walking past her’s when I heard moaning.
I turned to look in shock.
Her bedroom door was left open about an inch. College cheerleader looking.
Being the nosy younger brother that I am I looked through the opening in the door, my mom laid on the bed, naked, exposed, ass in the air, one hand on her pillow grasping it, one hand underneath her, fingers inside her.

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” “Sorry, Alan, but, I can’t help my feelings.
” As she said it she took my hand and placed it on her breast, I could feel the nipple harden under my fingers. (more…)

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I did as he said and was in position very quickly.
At some point, Mr.
Brown had undone his pants and let them and his underwear fall to his ankles. (more…)

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You get to keep your job, I will treat you the same professional way I’ve been treating every employee. (more…)