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As a result, by the time dinner was finally served, our two wives had drunk much more white wine than they were accustomed to and were, as Jane put it ‘quite squiffy’. (more…)

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I pulled out the stool to climb up on it, and soon I was in place.
Her sister’s husband had made this as a Christmas present for Jane.
It was made out of wood and was very ingenious. Free sex chart no registation.
It was like being on your hands and knees in an elevated position.

I put my elbows and knees down in these wooden boxes for them, and my arms and legs were strapped into place. Mobile sex chat now.
Jane then turned a crank, which spread apart my legs even more.
I wasn’t looking forward to being caned in this position.
I could see the TV and there was about two minutes until the New Year.

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But then Jane started to spank me with it.
After only a few swats of that paddle, I began to move from side to side.
“Stay in one place, or you’ll get even more swats from this paddle.
” So I did the best I could to stay still while Jane spanked me. Tickled til peed pants upskirt pics.

After about ten minutes of this, Jane said, “Now I am going to use the wooden spoon on you.
That way I make sure your whole bottom is bright red, even your most tender places.
” Then I felt the spoon on the insides of my thighs, between my legs, and on the tender skin around my bottom hole.

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I kept my hands at my sides, and waited.
After what seemed like an eternity, Jane’s door opened again.
This time Jane said, “I see that Tami gave you a good spanking. Ebony pussy love.
I hope that you have been a good boy, but before we go out, I want you to bend over the desk for ten swats of the paddle from me.

So bend over the desk, now.
” I wasn’t looking forward to another paddling. Sexy women from burlington new jersey.
When I turned around, Jane was standing there with a paddle already in her hands.
“Do I have to? I just got a fifteen minute spanking from Tami and an over the knee spanking from Robin.
” I complained.
“Yes you have to.

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“For fucks sake,” I thought.
“She’s Brians wife.
Pack it up.
” I finally went to sleep about an hour later. (more…)

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Jane let out an “oh yeah” when his tongue hit her pussy.
Tony licked up and down Jane’s very wet pussy, loving the way her pussy lips felt and tasted. (more…)

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SPANK I am also SPANK glad that you SPANK proposed to Jane SPANK on Christmas.
SPANK It has made SPANK Jane very happy.
SPANK I hope you will SPANK be stopping by SPANK the office, more often. Seattle amateur pics.
SPANK so stand up SPANK now, and SPANK stand in the corner.

SPANK SPANK SPANK Jane wants to see you in the corner when she comes back from her meeting.
” So I stood up, and walked back to the corner, again. Lara_croft nake girl chatting rooms.
I heard Jane’s office door open, again, and Robin said, “Stay there in the corner, and I hope to see you around the office more often.
” Now my bottom was hurting, again, and it felt on fire.

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Her bum was still tight, with no sagging and no cellulite, and she had long slender legs.
I was shocked to feel my cock hardening and so I hurried into the bathroom. (more…)

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MY DATE – PART 15 It is now after Christmas, and I am now engaged to marry Jane.
We had decided that I would pick her up at her work, right after I was done with my work. How long have kim and kanye been dating.
We didn’t set any specific time, and we were going to go out to eat.

I had tried to go out with her at noon one time, and I was so late showing up, Jane wasn’t able to eat with me. Nude teenage girl cell phone pictures.
She had to go to an important meeting.
So I was hoping this would work out a lot better.
After I had arrived at Jane’s company, I went directly to her secretary’s office.

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He pulls out and I feel his blunt bulbous head push against my bottom.
I try to relax and all of a sudden I feel the large head of his cock slip inside me. (more…)

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Tami was her secretary’s name, and she was about twenty-one years old.
I had met Tami before, when came to have lunch with Jane.
“Is Jane in? She should be expecting me.
” I said.
“Jane said you probably would be by at the end of the day,” Tami said.
“She is out of her office right now, but she should be back, shortly.

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Here is a letter she left for me to give to you.
Jane wanted me to make sure you read it, and that you follow her directions.
” I opened the envelope that the letter was in, and the letter read as follows, “Clyde- I am looking forward to eating out with you.

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