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My cock strains and then I feel her hand touching it through the denim.
She pushes her mouth more firmly against mine as she strokes the length and then the tip of my cock. (more…)

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Our hands touched first and I grasped her fingers between mine, pulling her towards me, barely able to distinguish her features in the gloom. (more…)

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I started by licking her outer lips.
I may have needed to be shown how to please Mark but when it came to pleasing Launa I knew exactly what to do! I inserted two fingers just up to the knuckle and began to wiggle them as I circled and traced out figure of eights between her lips.

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The taste was something else, a mix of champagne and sweet juices.
I took to it immedietly and it felt amazing as I felt her get wetter and wetter.
Mark was sitting next to Launa stroking his still solid cock and enjoying the show.

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I realised that Beth had long slim fingers and as her hands cupped my breasts, those fingers worked my nipples. (more…)

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From their angle, Robert and Jenny had a side view of the other couple.
Jenny passed an idle glance at them before turning her attention to Robert’s cock, gently massaging it to get it ready again. (more…)

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He suckled her folds, drawing them between his lips to tease them with his tongue.
Andrea’s hands move to the back of his head, but he didn’t let her take control. (more…)

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I press my thumbs into the insides of her thighs each time I came close to her crotch.
I know when done on me it gets my blood going and Nora seemed to be the same. (more…)

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It throbbed onto her puffy lips and she squealed as she felt the hot tip on her clit.
He pinned her arms next to her head and held her down while grinding himself against her dripping lips. (more…)

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I turn and come face-to-face with the definition of rakishly handsome.
Blue piercing eyes, dark slicked-back hair, strong jaw, a smile playing across a pair of full lips. (more…)

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At about 6 o’clock I looked in to see how she was getting on.
She was seated at her dressing table absolutely naked, carefully applying her make up in ways that would subtly enhance her natural beauty. (more…)

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Those illicit thoughts from earlier returned in a head rush.
Lucy broke away from their kiss and grabbed another berry. (more…)

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I came slowly to my senses as he pulled his softening cock from my sheath, our mixed fluids gushing from my pussy and down my thighs. (more…)

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Sucking it hard, he bit it again, more firmly this time, chuckling slightly as she gasped.
He returned to a more gentle sucking and teasing of Lucy’s breast as he cupped her pussy in his palm. (more…)

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“Some Christians we are!” Before I could say something back she started to lick my dick.
I never gotten my dick sucked before, so it was a new experience. (more…)