But doesn’t everybody have a bucket list?” I was happily stunned.
For six months I had plotted and planned, conjured and connived about how I was going to bed this woman and here she was all but ripping off our clothes and fucking me silly.
“Well, I guess they do at that,” I said as I smiled and stared into her eyes daring not to show any sign of not being up to her advances.
“And what else is on your list?” I asked coyly so as to not rush things as much I as wanted to.
“I want to make one of those videos,” Angie said.
“Say what?” I blurted out half-laughing.
“I want to make one of those videos,” she repeated as she laughed too.
“Well why haven’t you and Scott made one?” I asked.
“He’s not exactly the great explorer when it comes to sex and besides, I don’t know if I could let loose with him like I could someone else.

Anon bb pocatello idaho taking loads from hung woods. (more…)