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So complete was her possession that she could feel his thoughts in her mind as they became one in their mutual ecstasy. (more…)

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I honestly would have regretted it after it was over.
And I didn’t feel like I had to go through that, because I have you. (more…)

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As they became more comfortable at Ted’s house, he encouraged them to make themselves at home, and pick out whatever movies were in his collection. (more…)

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They’d become close buddies, and now they shared a lot.
It was good to have someone to talk to about anything. (more…)

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Dark blue water.
Blue flames.
Navy blue sea-roses in full bloom on the sand.
And Ryan.
in deep blue swim-briefs.
“Did you know the stars are actually holes, punched thru by old trapped birds in the black blanket of the night sky?” I asked. Multiple cumshot cumpilations.

“I thought they were giant balls of flaming gases in space,” Leo said proudly, “And the ones that burn twice as bright, burn half as long.
” How did they know so much? Horny granny hookup. For clones, they seemed perfectly natural.
And naturally perfect.
The four of us spoke and laughed the night away.

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Karen had always been an introvert, preferring books to people.
However, in her junior year she met a young man who excited her passions. (more…)

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Two years later they officially adopted me and that was the happiest day in my life.
I had known them as long as I could remember and would play with their son Luke, who was five years older than me. (more…)

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She had thought about it, all night, and decided to call the guy and tell him no, thanks.
But he was a nice guy, and she had enjoyed the sex, maybe ask him out to lunch? (more…)

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You’ll like them, there’s Paul and Tim.
They are gay and as sweet as can be.
They are also identical twins. (more…)

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My pink bra strap was now hidden and with my bag firmly over my shoulder as I followed Mel to Pete’s car. (more…)

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And there was also something Mr.
Strait wanted.
He began to make physical contact with Joey, placing a hand on Joey’s shoulder, a pat on his back, a slap on his butt, an arm around his shoulders. (more…)

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She fondled with her own breasts, twisting her nipples until they were red and fully erected.
She began circling her own nipples with her tongue, switching from time to time to rub her pussy that really needed the attention from my tongue and fingers. Playing under blanket. (more…)

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Rick’s sister and the three coworkers who took Hailey to the charity raffle were lined up on the left wearing soft green chiffon dresses. (more…)