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He put his nose into her hair and kissed her lightly on the head.
She sighed contentedly.
When they got to the lobby the hotel was completely quiet. (more…)

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“You will probably have a few bruises for a while” he told her.
Gina nodded.
“I know”.
“I’m sorry” he told her. (more…)

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I thought that she wanted to concentrate her attention on us, but was still a bit hesitant about watching too openly. (more…)

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I entered her soon after.
I had the idea that my mom knew but never asked her.
After all, mothers need secrets maybe even more than their sons do. (more…)

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Louis and did a lot of entertaining for big dollar accounts.
The short fat one (Mr.
Tower) found out from the captain that I was a model and he asked if I would like to be one of the girls on their companies calendar for the coming year; that they had made up for their customers. Pictures of people having sex outside. (more…)

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Behind her she could hear him writing, breathing heavily.
The near silence and the wait built up the tension and her emotions began to race into turmoil again. (more…)

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I was not expecting anyone because I wanted a night to myself.
After laying my toys out, I took a nice warm shower where I used the shower sprayer to send me into pure ecstasy a few times. (more…)

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Mary and Cathy, so my father took MAR from one and CA from the other, they both were happy!” “Will, of the two who did you get your good looks from?” “I got the good genes from both, my height from my father side, my tits from both sides!” “Just what size are they?” “I’m 5’10”, 140#, 38D x 22 x 36…!

Anal lube rating. I think I’m getting bigger in my boobs, I may need to go to a 40 here soon.
” “I was told you were something special, so for everything I was told has been true!” “So do you get into Fort Worth ?” “I get in every 3 months, board meeting and two days of business; you need notice a day or two to see me when I come in?” Oh fuck what do I say? “Drop me an email as soon as you know you’re coming in and I will make time for us!” Two hours later we end up back at my hotel room We had already been in my room for about half an hour, enough time for a drink when I told him to make himself at home while I slip into something different.

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